Saquon Barkley's absence is just the beginning of the Giants' contract woes.

Dexter Lawrence was a key player in Brian Daboll’s first season with the Giants. Now the All-Pro defender wants to pay for his efforts.

Saquon Barkley’s contract status has been Controlling the news in New YorkBut he’s not the only one looking for a new contract heading into next season. Standout defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence is set to expire if he doesn’t land a new contract.

Lawrence wasn’t an immediate star for New York after being selected with the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, but he really came into his own last season playing for head coach Brian Daboll. His efforts earned him praise around the league and he was named an All-Star project.

Reports stating that Lawrence will not report to training camp without a new deal. It should not be a shock to the giants. Daniel Jones was a less prolific player but saw him rewarded with a big contract. Lawrence doesn’t command that type of contract as a defense, but he wants to get a deal that puts him at the top of the market.

How do the giants make sure everyone gets paid?

The challenge for New York’s front office is to keep all of their big-name stars paid within the salary cap. The fact that Lawrence and Barkley are both seeking new contracts at the top of the market could put the Giants in an unlikely position heading into April’s NFL Draft.

Barkley may have the bigger name, but Lawrence is a more valuable player because of his positional value. If they can’t reach a contract agreement in the coming weeks, the Giants will have a hard time replacing him. All-star running backs can normally be found in the mid to late rounds of the draft. The same cannot be said for defensive operations.

As he enters the fifth year of his rookie contract, the Giants have leverage to leverage in negotiations with Lawrence. The group has no technical obligation to extend the agreement at this time. Of course, not doing so could result in a dispute that could lead to Lawrence leaving in free agency next season.

Expect the Giants to come to the negotiating table with a quality offer before training camp begins. You know Lawrence as a young, up-and-coming player. It would be amazing if it leaves the Big Apple soon.

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