Robin Brown to reopen the business, come to the financial rescue of the husband

As you know by now, Cody Brown has three sister wives.

With Mary, Christine and Janelle all of them They have decided to walk away from their polygamous marriage in the last year and a half, leaving Cody at home with Robin Brown.

This may not be a problem emotionally for Cody… considering he wasn’t very close to the women when their relationship ended.

But with money?

That is a very, very different matter.

Janelle, Mary, and Kristen all work as salespeople for pretty shady companies — but they’re great at these jobs, as seen in Janelle recently won.

In the past, Cody took advantage of the money this couple made.

But not anymore. Now he and Robin are on their own.

Cody and Robin Brown don’t look too happy sitting here talking to the Sister Wives cam, do they?

There was a rumor. Cody may need to sell the property. He bought it at Coyote Pass years ago to avoid going into deep debt.

But now The Sun says Robin may have her own solution.

According to an insider who spoke to the outlet, Robyn is working on revamping My Sister’s Wife’s Closet, the online boutique she once ran, to make money outside of her TLC deal.

“Robin is trying to rebuild her sister’s closet and rename it,” reports The Sun.

“Her jewelry collection was successful and she wants to come back and have more success.”

The insider added:

“Her fans have been begging her to relaunch her store, and she’s giving them what they’ve been asking for.”

According to the official business website, My Sister’s Wife’s Closet should be up and running ahead of schedule, especially since it mentions that Cody’s last permanent partner will be launching new designs:

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Robin doesn’t look exactly impressed with this photo from Chapter 17, does it?

The online jewelry and clothing line boutique launched in 2012 and apparently went out of business a year before the outbreak.

The company’s last social media post is from March 2019 and reads:

“Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Sister Wives on TLC!

“Be sure to visit MSWC to see one of Robin’s newest designs, the Ronchelle ‘Adorable’ Dog Tag Sterling Silver Double Sided Pendant and Chain.”

Another option for Cody and Robin might be to bring a new wife on board.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Robin and I are basically single.

Don’t let that come out, that might be a spoiler, but it looks like it’s coming in the new season,” Cody said in a March 22 cameo video.

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