Robert Whittaker says he was never offered a fight with Kamzat Chimev.

Robert Whittaker He is setting the record straight when it comes to the fact that he had a fight with a rising star. Kamzat Chimev.

In the latest issue MMA timeChimev told Ariel Helwani that it was one of the fights that followed him UFC 279 He won a victory Kevin Holland It was against the former middleweight champion. On his podcast MMarcadeWhittaker gave his side.

“Someone said they offered me a Chimave fight and I turned it down,” Whittaker said. “I’ve never been offered a fight with Chimev, and that’s it.

“I was given no fight. I’m waiting,” he said.

The UFC announced that he was scheduled to fight Whittaker. Paulo Costa as if UFC 284 In February, however, the fight never came to fruition. with Saturday UFC 287 Middleweight title main event Alex Pereira And Israel Adsaniya – who scored two victories against Whittar – the result may determine what is next for the “Reaper”.

“I was talking to the UFC, and the communication was, ‘Let’s wait and see what happens with this title shot,'” Whittar explained. “’Would you like to fight Chimave in x, y or z?’ I did not find a written contract. That’s not something that was offered to me. So just to make that clear. “

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