Remembering Logan Roy: The Obituary of a 'Successful CEO and Family Man'

SuccessLogan Roy (Brian Cox) is dead. Founder and CEO of Waystar Royco He passed on the flight He chooses to prioritize his eldest son Connor’s (Alan Rook) wedding to meet GoJo CEO Lucas Matson (Alexander Skarsgård).

A Rupert MurdochMeet a King Lear type, Logan was a media titan, ruthless businessman and creator of a hit game. Pig on the floor(Opens in a new tab). But when he dies a billionaire, he will be the first to remember his humble beginnings.

In the year Born in 1938 in Dendy, Scotland – the “North Bank” as son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) as described in his infamous rap; “L to OG”.(Opens in a new tab) – Logan Roy Media Group Westar Royco is from the ground up. The company, Nazi or not, is best known for employing controversial anchors such as Mark Ravenhead (Zach Robidas), a major network known for its ATN. (Like reading marks Mein Kampf (They often suggest, “Maybe it’s a Nazi.”) The cruise class of the Waystar was also a subject. Success Scandal, allegations of sexual abuse have led to Wistar Royco employees testifying before Congress.

A friend of many celebrities, including presidents, Logan has dealt with many scandals throughout his tenure as CEO. He also survived several attempts to take over Weistar, including one brought by him Number one son, Kendall.

To say that Kendall and Logan’s relationship was “complicated” would be an understatement. Logan kidnaps Kendall for his murder, then tries to use Kendall as a scapegoat for Wystar’s crimes. In turn, Kendall exposed his father in a subsequent press conference, calling him “an evil presence, a bully and a liar.” (This was shortly after the aforementioned rap, in which Kendall says, “I’m alive and well when I stand up to my father.”)

Logan Roy, dressed in black, sits in a luxurious living room.

Brian Cox in “The Substitute”.
Credit: Peter Kramer/HBO

Their father-son relationship was just one of Logan’s many troubled personal relationships, such as his differences with his older brother Ewan (James Cromwell) and his three failed marriages. The first two ended in divorce, the third, for Marcia (Hayam Abbas) was very broken at the time of Logan’s death. Cheating on your wife with former PGM CEO Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter) and now self-described “friend, assistant and mentor” Kerry Castelbate (Zoe Winters) does just that!

But these relationships are minor leaks compared to the great Pacific Garbage Patch of how Logan treats his children Connor, Kendall, Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). Logan’s many appearances with Kendall made that relationship very public, but he was abusive and abusive towards all of his children. They fight each other for control of Waystar, who ignores them when they don’t want him and can always call them “sicko” or some gay slur. As Argestes retreats, Logan slaps Roman. Logan, himself a victim of his uncle Noah’s abuse, continued that vicious cycle until the end of his life.

No matter how much love Logan failed to show his children, he showed it to his business. Even when selling Waystar to GoJo, it asked to remain under ATN’s control. In the days leading up to the deal, he was menacingly mossy in the ATN newsroom as a hitman Santa Claus before delivering a rousing speech about destroying the competition. “This is not the end,” he told his laid-off employees as they chanted his name. But the world had other plans for him.

The loss of Logan Roy – and Brian Cox’s impressive tumultuous performance – will no doubt leave a gaping hole in our Sunday night viewing. . But before we move on to the question of who will replace the late Logan, with his two favorite words to himself, O.G. do you know Exactly Which ones am I talking about?

Success Now airing on HBO Max.(Opens in a new tab)New episodes air at 9 pm ET Sundays on HBO and HBO Max.

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