Canadian pastor arrested for second time after protesting drag queen storytime for kids

Founder and president of a non-profit organization that advocates for religious freedom In Canada He criticized legislation in Ontario that would criminalize protests and “offensive comments” around drag shows and other LGBTQ events at soccer fields.

Canadian Freedom Alliance founder and president Michael Thiessen told Fox News Digital, “Liberty Alliance Canada is deeply concerned about the rapid changes in our legal climate in Canada.

Last week, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Christine Wong-Tam The 2SLGBTQI+ Communities Protection Act was introduced“It would give Ontario’s attorney general the authority to establish 100-metre “safety zones” around drag shows and other LGBTQ events. The provincial bill would make harassment, intimidation and “offensive comments” punishable by fines of up to $25,000.

Thiessen compared the proposed Ontario law to bills passed in U.S. states that have outlawed transgender minors, while Wong Tam is calling for the province of Ontario to do the exact opposite: to normalize children’s sexuality and encourage people who intend to cross. – Dressing up to please their twisted fantasy.

Religious freedom ‘definitely dead’ in Canada after teen lawyer banned after protest

Thiessen, a Canadian who now runs a church in Kentucky, said the bill “demeans concerned citizens and uses dangerously vague and one-sided language to criminalize peaceful demonstrations against any homophobia, hate speech, offensive comments and riots.” and spreading hate propaganda”.

“Any peaceful, public disagreement or moral criticism can easily be captured by such broad, subjective and political categories,” Thiessen said.

“In reality, this bill is not about protecting anyone from ‘hate,’ but about silencing all dissenters. Whether it’s a happy outcome or an over-indictment, the effect of this bill — and its purpose, too — will be censorship of all public criticism, such as reading to children about drag queens.” .

Wong Tam did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

The proposed law It’s similar to the Safe and Inclusive Access Act passed by Calgary, Alberta city council last month. The law prohibits protesting within 100 meters of an entertainment venue or library entrance. The city council has amended its current public behavior bylaw to include the word “intimidation,” CBC reports. Pastor Derek Reimer has been arrested three times for protesting a drag queen story hour for children.

Catholic high school student arrested after being suspended for protesting trans ideology.

The Drag Queen Story Hour will be held at the West Valley Regional Branch Library in Los Angeles on July 26, 2019.

The Drag Queen Story Hour will be held at the West Valley Regional Branch Library in Los Angeles on July 26, 2019. (David McNew/Getty Images)

“I am committed to supporting Canadians who face unfair and unlawful discrimination for exercising their legal freedoms,” says the Canadian website of the Canadian Freedom Alliance, which was founded by priests in January 2021. The firm has been legally representing 17-year-old Josh Alexander Who was arrested? Several times since he was suspended from a Catholic high school in Ontario last year for opposing transgender ideology.

“This bill is a bare-knuckle attack on those who dare to stand up to the fast and unregulated child care and sex allowances.”

Alexander was accused of having coffee thrown at him during a recent protest, and the law says “it betrays gross hypocrisy; “Because it is usually from their own ‘queer’ groups that incite real hatred through insults, profanity and physical violence,” he said.

The proposed legislation would set up a football field-sized zone around drag shows, fine ‘offensive’ speech up to $25,000.

“This bill is a bare-footed attack on those. Those who dare on the road “Voters, parents and other courageous citizens must speak out quickly and clearly against this misguided public law charge,” Thiessen said.

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Freedom Alliance Canada was behind the initiative last year to challenge Canada’s Bill C-4.“Conversion Therapy.” Under the terms of the bill, therapists who offer any counseling to suppress or minimize “heterosexual attraction or sexual behavior” or “cisgender identity” could face up to five years in prison. The protest movement was supported by 5,000 churches across North America.

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