South Carolina family raises money for pizza delivery driver who falls on porch

Reddit user A recently took to that forum to share Dating and dining A case of ethics, quickly garnering hundreds of comments on the topic.

“I ordered it tonight. Hawaiian pizza With my boyfriend, user “pizzagirla” wrote on the AITA (“Am I the A–hole”) subreddit.

“We’ve only known each other for a month, so this is the first time I’ve eaten pizza with him,” the woman continued.

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“We’re about half done and then we’re off to watch TV,” the poster said.

“I was still hungry, so I ate all the toppings on the pizza,” she added.

The redditor said that her boyfriend “totally freaked out” when he saw what she had done.

A Reddit user (not pictured) took to the social media platform to take to the eating etiquette issue, saying that she was driving him crazy with all the toppings on her boyfriend's pizza.

A Reddit user (not pictured) took to the social media platform to take to the eating etiquette issue, saying that she was driving him crazy with all the toppings on her boyfriend’s pizza. (iStock)

The woman added: “I was saving for lunch tomorrow and I’ve never met anyone who does something like this.” [he] It was fair. In general, he was very upset.”

The redditor thought he was joking and “laughed it off” — but several hours later, she says, “he’s still upset.”

“He’s talking about how he’s looking forward to leftover pizza for lunch, and now I’ve ruined his lunch,” she added.

I don’t know why he was so angry.

She offered to buy another pizza, she continued, “but he kept saying it wasn’t about that and I ruined the day.”

Then the woman asked, “Is he overreacting or AITA?”

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A Redditor later edited, in part, “My bf [boyfriend] He calls me ‘barbaric’ and ‘irrational’ because I don’t understand why it’s wrong; I was just hungry.

She said: “I wasn’t paying attention at all, I was watching TV and eating. I don’t know why he was so angry.”

The redditor offered to buy another pizza for her boyfriend, but he announced her actions "Just ruined the day" She told others.

The redditor offered to buy her boyfriend another pizza, but declared that her actions “just ruined his day.” (iStock)

College student From North Carolina He said the man’s frustration with the pizza wrappers showed he was “childish.”

“If topping up your pizza is ruining your day, you’re worrying about the wrong things,” the student added.

Mother of two children in Massachusetts For some people, taking the topping off a pizza is subconscious, he said.

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“You have to be careful with food,” the 34-year-old said.

“Eating can be pretty personal, and if you’ve been looking forward to that pizza all day, it might mean something when someone else destroys it!”

"It's amazing but it's also very bad" A commenter on Reddit spoke about the actions of a woman (not pictured).

One commenter on Reddit (not pictured) said of the woman’s actions: “It’s weird, but it’s so mean.” (iStock)

She continued, “Mom makes this when we all get together for pizza; She says she is on a diet and accepts a salad. [then] Almost without realizing it, it takes all the sausage and pepperoni off the pizza.

The woman added, “So we joked with her for years, telling her to stay away from the cake!”

Another woman – a mother of four children in New York – He said about the controversy, “The woman was clearly rude. They didn’t know each other very well, and she went ahead and tore up the roofs. Saying ‘she wasn’t paying attention at all’ doesn’t cut it!”

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On its website, Giordano’s Pizza, a chain of restaurants in nine states, has come up with different personality types based on the way people eat their pizza.

“I wasn’t paying attention at all, I was watching TV and eating.”

When it comes to toppings and cheese on top of a pizza, the chain has this to say about this personality type: “You’re either a picky eater, or you know what you like…you’re probably losing the topping selection battle.”

“You too are not afraid to get what you want,” the website added.

Other Redditors flocked to the food issue, posting more than 800 comments in eight hours; Many of them protested the woman’s actions.

One commenter said of the Redditor’s actions: “Awesome but very mean.”

Commenters on Reddit called out his girlfriend's actions (not pictured). "Prodigal" And "Unattached."

Reddit commenters called his girlfriend’s actions (not pictured) “wasteful” and “out of control.” (iStock)

” OP is not the only one who did it [the original poster] Also eat [boyfriend’s] Share without asking, which is bad in itself, but also very wasteful because she didn’t even eat the pizza, like some picky, entitled, spoiled teenager.

That commenter continued: “It’s almost as if there was half a cake left and someone licked the frosting and left the now ruined rest.”

The same commenter added: “It’s so, so wasteful and selfish, it’s infuriating. But it’s also inescapable.”

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Another person commented: “I imagine her friend in the living room watching TV, excused herself to stand in the dark kitchen, picking pineapple, pepperoni and cheese that only shines from the open fridge door. He filled the half-opened box and unconsciously filled her face.

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The top comment, which has 5.9k “backers” on the forum, is simply “This is a really cool feature.”

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