Rebecca Jones' son stabbed students in Florida after allegedly threatening to shoot up his school.

Former employee of the State of Florida Rebecca Jones She announced on Twitter Wednesday night that her 13-year-old son was arrested in Santa Rosa County for a “digital terrorist threat.”

As of 2011 TweetsJones said authorities had issued a warrant for her son’s arrest after an officer received an anonymous report about messages her son had shared in a Snapchat group.

Jones said a man claiming to be a cousin from her son’s class joined a private Snapchat group. She says the man recorded the conversations and reported them to police after her son shared a popular Internet meme criticizing the police.

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According to Jones, a threat assessment was completed in which both the local police and the school signed off that the messages were not a threat. Two weeks later, Jones said her son was then arrested. She says that when Jones questioned the officers who ordered the arrest, one officer told them, “It’s the state.”

What is Jones’ son accused of doing?

An incident report released Thursday afternoon by the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office alleges the 13-year-old made repeated threats to shoot up Holly Navarre Middle School and stab angry students.

Investigators interviewed several students who spoke with the teenager and who saw messages he posted on social media. The teenager made the following statements in a message he sent to his friends.

“I want to shoot up the school.”

If I get a gun I’m going to shoot HNMs lol.

“Maybe I’m getting the rage and natural selection shirt but I don’t think a lot of ppl know what the Columbine shooters looked like.”

“Ok so it’s been 3-4 weeks since I took the new anti depressants and they’re not working but he’s getting better so far so why don’t you kill me losers at school.”

The teenager told friends he planned to shoot up the school Thursday before spring break, but had too much going on so he postponed it until March 31.

Rebecca Jones arrives in Santa Rosa County court to plead support for her son after he was arrested for allegedly making a digital terroristic threat.

Rebecca Jones arrives in Santa Rosa County court to plead support for her son after he was arrested for allegedly making a digital terroristic threat.

The students reported the claims to the school earlier that day and an investigation began.

The teenager was homeschooled at the time of the threat.

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office detectives called the boy’s mother, Rebecca Jones, who said the family was on vacation in Mississippi, but she would call investigators when she returned. During the interview, Rebecca Jones confirmed that there were no guns in the residence and that the only weapons were kitchen knives that they kept in a locked box.

SRSO spokeswoman Jillian Durkin Jones said she turned her son in to the sheriff’s office.

A judge ruled there was probable cause in the case and set a trial date for May 3 during the teenager’s arraignment via Zoom on Thursday afternoon.

The juvenile was placed on probation to be released from home detention. The judge also prohibited him from possessing any weapons or firearms, from using the Internet for anything outside of school, and from having contact with anyone from the middle school.

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Who is Rebecca Jones?

Jones is a former Florida data scientist who accused the health department of intentionally falsifying data on the outbreak. Governor Ron DeSantis. The claims were dismissed as unfounded by the Inspector General’s report.

Jones gained national attention after she was fired from her position at the Florida Department of Health during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones was fired for speaking out about what she said was the manipulation of Covid-19 information, and state officials say she was fired out of inferiority complex.

Jones later ran against Representative Matt Gaetz for Florida’s 1st Congressional District, but lost to Gaetz with 68% of the vote.

Rebecca Jones says her son was arrested at the behest of Gov. Ron DeSantis, three weeks after Filed a hacker case Asking the state Department of Health and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo to give her back her job with back pay. She is also seeking “emotional distress” and punitive damages against the former deputy secretary of the department, Shamaryal Roberson, who is named as a defendant.

Rebecca Jones tweeted: “My family is not safe. “My son was taken by government order, and I had to send my wife and daughter out of state for their safety. This is the reality of living in DeSantis, Florida. There is no freedom here. Just a reactionary regime, a fascist who wants to be king.”

Kevin Robinson contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared in the Pensacola News Journal: Rebecca Jones’ son arrested in Florida: What we know about threats

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