Ravens PR had a heated exchange with a reporter asking about Lamar Jackson

The Ravens plan to keep their mouths shut when questions about star Lamar Jackson are raised, and they’ve dropped the key.

The Baltimore Ravens know it’s Lamar Jackson The hottest trending topic Now around the group. They just don’t want to talk about it.

In a recent press conference, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta and head coach John Harbaugh addressed questions about the upcoming NFL draft, making it clear that they want to focus on draft questions and have nothing to do with the Jackson contract saga.

A rogue reporter hijacks the press (hired by Jackson? Maybe) and manages to put unexpected pressure on the Ravens’ brass, away from the “draft only” line of questioning.

He asked about Lamar Jackson’s situation and whether the Ravens would look at quarterback prospects differently given Jackson’s situation; An exasperated Ravens public relations representative managed to squeeze most of the question out before trying to redirect the subject of the conversation.

Jackson is clearly a touchy subject in Baltimore.

The Ravens fielded questions about Lamar Jackson’s status at a recent press conference.

The Ravens’ defensive linemen were clearly told to focus on the draft. Jackson remains one of the most exciting pressure points of Baltimore’s season, so asking questions about Jackson was bound to make the situation tense and awkward.

A week ago, Jackson himself has been stalking the team for weeks by posting a trade request on social media At the same time, the coaches were holding a media meeting.

For once, the Ravens organization might want to be a little more formal and consistent. No more blind moves please.

The Fake Reporter got a short answer from DeCosta, however, who said the team is not changing their draft board while Jackson’s status is up in the air.

Baltimore holds the No. 22 overall pick, and unless they trade up in the draft, the team has little chance of getting one of their 2023 quarterback prospects. If Jackson doesn’t leave the Ravens, Baltimore feels more likely to trade up for the Patriots at tackle than take a chance on a subpar quarterback this year.

In the event of an emergency, backups Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown were retained and could see meaningful flashes next season.

But as John Harbaugh said in a previous newsletter, the team plans to make Lamar Jackson their starter in 2023. They keep saying that the deal will be done.

They have made their position clear, and reporters would do well to respect their wishes moving forward.

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