Raquel Levis vs. Tom Schwartz Made in Front of Tom Sandoval!  What's going on here?!

By now, we are sure you have heard all about months long Relationship between Tom Sandoval and Rachel Lewis.

The so-called scandal has been in the news for over a month now, and it’s about everyone involved. Vanderpump rules They threw in their two cents.

(As far as we know, Laura-Leigh and Vail Bloom have yet to speak out on the matter. True fans know who we’re talking about!)

But about other The Tom and Raquel Affair – Between Levis and Schwartz?

Tom Schwartz and Raquel Levis were once rumored to be dating. (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, long before her romance with Tom Sandoval came to light, Raquel was rumored to be dating his friend and business partner.

And while it doesn’t seem like their relationship is ever on the upswing, we now know that Schwartz and Raquel have dated at least once.

And it happened with the presence of Sandoval, Ariana Madix and in general Vanderpump take on .

Tom Schwartz and Raquel Levis met on a group trip to Mexico. (Photo by Bravo)

(Katie Maloney did not witness the kiss she had endured with her friend Bubba earlier in the evening.)

After weeks of talking about it, Schwartz and Raquel locked lips at one of the many events leading up to Scheana Shay and Brooke Davis’ wedding.

Now, fans are wondering if Raquel was involved in that embarrassing kiss with Sandoval.

Ariana Maddix, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Levis and Tom Schwartz perform at Tom Sandoval and the Hotel Cafe on November 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure when Sandoval and Levis started their affair because they are still not clean.

But it seems it was Something Check in with them during the trip to Mexico.

Sandoval didn’t seem too happy when Schwartz explained his attraction to Raquel earlier in the episode, according to many viewers.

Schwartz and Sandoval had an awkward conversation in Mexico. (Photo by Bravo)

Schwartz innocently tells Sandoval that he finds Levis “beautiful,” prompting Sandoval to cut him off with, “I get it.”

So Levis and Sandoval may not have met yet, but they will very soon.

Following last night’s event Vanderpump, Schwartz appeared on See what happened liveIt sheds new light on the Raquel-Sandoval timeline.

“I learned about it in late August, a so-called one-night stand.

See what Tom Schwartz has to say about Scadoval live. (Photo by Bravo)

(Shaena and Brooke were married on August 23 of last year.)

“From my point of view, as an emotional issue — it’s still inappropriate,” Schwartz added.

In January, Tom came to me… and told me he was in love with Rachel. I was upset.”

Tom Sandoval and Raquel had Ariana Madix’s back. (Photo by Bravo)

Given his ultimate loyalty to Sandoval, Schwartz probably held on. some The truth is, it seems that Andy Cohen was mostly honest during the investigation.

Hopefully, the Vanderpump Season 10 again It gives real answers to the questions of when Tom and Raquel started dating and what is going on with them now.

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