Putin's time is up - Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine, believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has reached his term and will serve people who make the right decisions.

Source: Danilov is on Facebook

Quote: “[Adding] On to the discussion of who it serves during Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine. Time serves those who make the right decisions, are guided by values, are active, fearless and never back down.

There is no certainty that cannot be endured. The assumption that this time is on the enemy’s side is meaningless.

Kremlin rat [Putin – ed.]He hopes to stay on board and wait until the West gets tired of Ukraine, or until China helps him, or until a new president is elected in the US, or for ‘unlimited by the electoral process. A hunger strike is about to break out in Ukraine.

Putin is out of time. What he has been preparing for 20 years and failed at the beginning cannot be fixed in one year or two or three.

Details: Danilov believes that the Russian dictator made a mistake in the most important decision of his life – to attack Ukraine.

After the invasion, Putin fell from the feet of the world’s most powerful man to the status of a suspected criminal at The Hague.

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