PlayStation's massive spring sale is underway - the best deals are here.

PlayStation Spring Sale

You see, we know spring is an exciting time for everyone because the weather is starting to get nicer. We got it. But let’s not forget about it other Best part of spring: sales.

And if you’re into gaming, you’re in luck — PlayStation’s annual spring sale is underway. The sale features up to 75% off nearly 2,000 new and old titles through April 26. We know that’s an intimidating number to analyze, so we took the liberty of scouring the entire sale and handpicking only the best deals. From the big event. Check out our selections below Sales page(Opens in a new tab) For yourself (if you dare).

The best survival-horror game deal

Why we love it

Our last part one It didn’t necessarily have to happen, but we’re glad it did. The first game is a critically acclaimed masterpiece – and it still holds up well for how long it’s been out – but who are we to say it’s one of the all-time greats, especially for the PlayStation 5? If you haven’t already played the last of us And you are sure to try following it Hit the HBO adaptationThis is undoubtedly the best way to practice for the first time.

The best open-world game deal

Why we love it

You don’t get more. A beautiful open-world game from Horizon forbidden west at the moment. 2017 series Horizon Zero Dawn(Opens in a new tab) It improves upon its predecessor in every way, with new environments, gameplay mechanics, improved performance and graphics, and an epic story that continues Aloy’s journey as she explores the uncharted lands of the Forbidden West. It’s full of content, including side missions, challenges, and hidden secrets. If you plan on getting that 100% completion trophy, Horizon forbidden west You should keep yourself busy for a while.

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