Pentagon leak: A 21-year-old US Air National Guardsman is the suspect.

The 21-year-old Air National Guardsman is said to be based in Massachusetts and is believed to be responsible for hundreds of leaked US defense documents and Washington’s relationship with key allies.

Jack Teixeira was the leader of an online discussion group that uploaded hundreds of photos of classified and top secret documents in 2010. New York Times. An online group called itself Thug Shaker Central, comprised of 20 to 30 young men and teenagers with a passion for guns, racist memories and video games.

Members of the group told BellingCat, The Washington Post and The New York Times that the documents were shared on Thug Shaker Central in an attempt to impress the group rather than to produce any foreign policy results.

The Times said it has seen about 300 documents, only a few of which have been reported, suggesting the national security risks may be greater than previously acknowledged.

The FBI’s hunt for the leaker has not been identified, but Joe Biden said in Ireland on Thursday that US authorities are close to catching the person responsible…

Speaking to reporters outside the Irish president’s residence in Ireland, where he was on an official visit, Biden said: “As you know, there is a full investigation going on with the intelligence community and the Department of Justice and they are getting it.” close.”

An increasing amount of evidence is a leaker’s a Untouchable youth With racist attitudes and obsession with guns, they say we work on a military base. The man shared photos of the documents with about two dozen active members on the discussion group, which ran until March last year.

“I’m not worried about leaks,” Biden said. “I’m concerned that it happened. But nothing current that I know of is of great consequence.

Some of the leaked documents are dated as early as March, and discuss the deployment of Ukrainian troops. Military weaknesses And The effort to arm the force Before spring protection.

There is also evidence of US spying on its allies and reluctance to arm Ukraine, and information about Russian forces and decisions in Moscow that help the Kremlin better understand the strengths and weaknesses of US intelligence-gathering efforts.

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Some newly released documents reveal knowledge of a conflict between Russia’s intelligence and defense ministries. A document reported by the New York Times describes how US officials accused the Federal Security Service (FSB) of “trying to cover up the extent of Russian damage to the Defense Ministry in Ukraine.”

The FSB said the official statistics did not include the national guard killed and wounded or engaged in combat with two prominent militias, Wagner’s mercenary force and Chechen Republic warlord Ramzan Kadyrov’s fighters. A U.S. intelligence review says the controversy reflects “a continuing reluctance by military officials to pass on bad news.”

Despite Biden’s positive outlook on the investigation, federal authorities have reportedly failed to locate a key witness, a teenage member of an Internet gang run by the informant. The teenager spoke with the investigative journalism organization BellingCat over the weekend, and spoke with The Washington Post in more detail on Wednesday.

Laker, who goes by the initials OG, described himself as a charismatic leader who ran the group, which was hosted on a server called Tug Shaker Central. The Post saw a video of a man named OG at the scene of the shooting with the big guns.

“He yells a series of racial and anti-Semitic slurs into the camera, then fires several rounds at the target,” the report said. OG told his colleagues that he worked at an unnamed military base in the report, where his job involved viewing large amounts of classified information.

The Pentagon has begun tightening its circle of employees and contractors and has pledged to review its policy on top secret clearance. In March, the collection of documents was shared by Thug Shaker Central teen member Woomao, another Filipino YouTube server designed to have a wider readership.

A WowMao server moderator known as Kraj described the teenager who shared the documents as a “late-teens, nice kid with a good heart.”

He wants to inform his friends about the things he finds online, but he doesn’t want the documents to be leaked. It was just bad luck for him that the documents were genuine,” added Kraj.

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According to a teenage member of the group the Post spoke with, OG had a “black view of the government,” portraying the government, and especially law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as a repressive force. He spoke of “government overreach.”

The Post said it had confirmed the details anonymously to other members of the team and had seen a total of 300 photos of classified documents, three times the number previously thought to have been circulated.

A teenage gang member told the Post that OG “looked very confused and at a loss for what to do”. “He knows very well what is going on and what the consequences are,” he said. “He’s not sure how to handle this situation… He seems very angry.”

In his last message to group members, OG told them to “remove and delete any information that may be associated with him.”

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