Patriots rumor: Bill Belichick is ready to do 1 thing to help Mack Jones.

Mack Jones trade rumors are taking a back seat for now. Instead, see how Bill Belichick can help Jones put together a comeback season for the ages.

In the last few weeks The New England Patriots The league is concerned about the quarterback situation. Think you were ready to load up on the Mc Jones? Psych said several executives of quarterback-needy teams never approached head coach Bill Belichick about the possibility of a Jones trade.

A new report when sports journalists are separating the facts and rumors The athletics It’s out about the Pats’ intentions in the upcoming draft.

Apparently, New England is interested in adding a blue chip running back in the 2023 NFL Draft. There are only two good blue-chip talents at running back, Texas’ Bijan Robinson and Alabama’s Jahmir Gibbs, both top-40 picks.

This feeds into the idea that the Pats could realistically use one of their picks to give Jones and his offense a big edge in the rushing game next season.

The Patriots are reportedly looking at a blue-chip RB to pair with Mc Jones in 2023

Who’s to say this report isn’t total baloney?

Based on the Patriots’ offseason moves so far, there’s no concrete indication that Belichick wants to get rid of Jones.

In a move a year late, the team changed its offensive coordinator. New England has gotten controversial upgrades at the skill positions with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mike Gesicki, and Belichick is believed to be “interested in adding another blue-chip running back” late as the team continues to build the running game around Ramandre Stevenson. April.

Looking at the bigger picture, a Jones trade could be fatal to the team in 2023 because the Pats don’t have a clear answer at the quarterback position (the Patriots are taken, they’re very low in the first round).

Yes, Belichick and Jones have butted heads this season and neither is a big fan of the other, but at this point it might be cheaper and more reasonable to encourage the Pats to reconcile their differences instead of starting from scratch.

If so, taking a blue-chip prospect in the draft like Robinson or Gibbs could elevate the Pats’ offense and keep Jones smiling in his third year in Foxboro.

Mc Jones 2023 Return Season Loading….?

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