Olivia Hopkins Arrested: Daughter of Molly Hopkins Charged with Violating Probation

At the beginning of this year 90 day engagement Fans followed awkwardly. Molly Hopkins, Olivia, Kelly Brown and Cynthia Decker’s Ugly Mess.

Molly and Cynthia, longtime besties, have a nasty fight. Molly breaks up with Kelly – Molly’s young daughter Olivia is said to have “strangled” her.

And how, the authorities arrest Olivia for something unrelated.

Meanwhile, some fans are giving up on Molly’s name. A year ago, things were going well. Did she lose? Everything?

Cherokee County Police arrested Olivia Hopkins on April 4, 2023, on a charge of violating her probation.

Instagram Blogger @kikiandkibbitz It first reported that Cherokee County authorities arrested Olivia Hopkins on April 4.

She is accused of violating her probation.

online records, Astrology ReportsNote that Olivia is currently incarcerated at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. However, no one can confirm. She is almost out of jail now.

The lawsuit alleges that Olivia violated her probation.

She is currently on 12 months probation after pleading guilty to domestic violence and simple battery in February.

And that issue is at odds with her mother, Molly Hopkins. No part of it is disappointing, and no part is messy.

Molly Hopkins and daughter Olivia
Fiancé of 90 days Molly Hopkins stands next to her grown daughter Olivia Winn Hopkins in this Instagram photo.

Allegedly, Olivia punched Molly several times, and kicked her in the leg at least once. Of course, this should never happen.

When Olivia pleaded guilty, she received 12 months of probation – and several conditions.

Allegedly, he has since “failed to enter a domestic violence intervention program within 14 days of sentencing” and twice in March “failed to test at the Cherokee County drug lab.”

90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins searched for love on 90 Day: The Single Life. (Image credit: Discovery Plus)

Allegedly, Olivia tested positive for fentanyl on March 1, with a lab later confirming the diagnosis.

Fentanyl has become “popular” in recent years. It is a powerful pain reliever, but law enforcement agencies have brought it in the context of dubious horror stories. Sometimes, police say fentanyl “poisoning” is medically unlikely.

However, it is a controlled substance. While criminalizing what people consent to put into their bodies is a human rights nightmare, this was a violation of her probation. Fortunately, initial reports do not reflect any new allegations of fentanyl use — just a probation violation.

Over the years, Molly Hopkins and then-bestie Cynthia Decker have been fan favorites on Pillow Talk.

From what we can tell, Olivia’s lawsuit appears to follow her recent plea to withdraw her guilty plea to a simple battery charge.

why? According to Olivia’s record, she was underrepresented, did not voluntarily enter her plea, and felt coerced or intimidated during the plea.

She also said that the plea does not reflect the facts of her innocence or guilt. On the one hand, this seems strange. At the same time… false wills and even false pleadings are commonplace throughout the country in a very numerous, anonymous form. Many people feel they have no other choice. We don’t know the details of Olivia’s condition.

Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins have been “like sisters” for a long time. It would be sad to see that fall apart.

Meanwhile, fans argued that it was all down to Molly’s downfall. She lost her man, her best, her business partner (who was her best woman). Olivia is having problems. And it’s unclear what Molly’s future will be on the franchise.

Molly clapped back at all of this. She says she feels better than before and has even lost weight.

Her fans may be looking at Molly through the negative headlines, and not seeing the bigger picture of her life. Or she may be putting a positive spin on things.

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