'Numbers', a new 'New York Times' game, is a 'Wordle' with math.

of New York Times(Opens in a new tab) He explained. Figures(Opens in a new tab)A new date numbers game that aims to be Mathematical equivalent to the Word. Finally, a game for math-camp kids.

Created New York Timesindoor games team, Figures It’s currently in official beta testing, which means you can play it right now. It won’t last long though. The math game only lasts for one week, after which it will be downloaded and the success of the test will be evaluated.

Results of FiguresThe beta test will finally decide whether to join Word as a New York Times Strong, or discarded as a failed attempt.

at work Figures It started in After the proposal is presented at the end of 2021, a New York Times Games jam. It was based on two numbers game shows: French program Des Chiffres et des Lettres And the English show Census.

This was around the same time Word His influence began to sweep the world Figures“Green and gold color scheme. of New York Times Finally found Word in January 2022, which delayed the work. Figures When the group enters Times‘ website.

How to play ‘Digits’

The origin of Figures You’ve probably seen it before: you’re given a set of six numbers, and you have to add, subtract, divide, and multiply to get as close as possible to the given result.

You don’t have to use all the numbers, but you can’t use each one more than once because they are used once. For example, if I choose to multiply 7 and 3, they combine to create 21, which I can use to do more math. But I can’t add 7 to 21 because the original 7 and 3 disappear.

This means that there is a limit to how many operations you can do because the numbers end after five. Fortunately Figures Rather, it is a little more merciful. Word, and gives you an undo button when you’ve backed yourself into a corner. You can also attempt to solve a puzzle multiple times, so you don’t get stuck on a disappointing first result.

Figures It does not apply a strict pass/fail system, instead awarding players up to three stars based on how close they are to the target number. You can earn one star for landing in 25 spots on a goal, two stars for landing in 10 spots, and three stars for landing exactly on it. Figures Answers that do not receive at least one star will not be accepted.

Five are new. Figures Puzzles can earn up to 15 stars per day. You can switch between tabs to solve them in any order you want, which can be useful if you find yourself stuck on a particular puzzle. Although it prevents you from getting more stars on the puzzle, you can give up and let the answer be revealed.

as a Wordbrand new Figures Puzzles are released daily at midnight. It has a sharing system to help you show which operations you’ve done, the order you used them in, and the last number you reached. FiguresThe share button won’t appear until you’ve completed all five puzzles, though, so if you want to brag about your score, you’ll have to go through the entire challenge. Twitter.

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