NFL Rumors: The Patriots' 2023 season is a flurry before it even starts.

The New England Patriots locker room needs some maintenance before training camp gets underway.

in the past The New England Patriots Even the season starts, it’s in turmoil. Mc Jones It was rumored that it was bought by merchantsAnd that news upset his colleagues.

In an article by NBC Sports Boston, Here’s what Phil Perry reports.:

“I’ve talked to players who are not happy that this is in the news, the Patriots and their potential desire to trade Mack Jones in a public space,” Perry added. “They’re not happy on Mac’s behalf. They are not happy, period, of their own accord. In the year They are not happy that 2022 is bleeding into 2023.

For what it’s worth, the veracity of those Jones rumors is up in the air. A. who made a terrible announcement Dive into the situation and how the problems are minor. With “NFL Insider”.

Whether the rumor is true or not, it seems like the player’s reaction as reported by Perry. Apparently, the Patriots didn’t do enough damage control before and after reports of a rift between Jones and Belichick.

Jones isn’t getting enough coaching and required outside help last season, which is why he’s a bad matchup with Belichick. According to Perry, players think Jones is right to do so.

The Patriots have a mountain of culture to climb before 2023.

Between now and Week 1 of the NFL season, we have the NFL Draft, minicamp, training camp and preseason. The good news for Bill Belichick and his staff is that having a long runway before kickoff can save the locker room by cleaning up obvious issues between the coaching staff and players.

The bad news about that runway is that these issues still have time to fester. Players will not be allowed into the building for several more months. It is not easy to put this bud in this calendar.

In terms of coaching, the past year or so has seen miscalculations and bad turnovers for the Patriots. They didn’t name an official play caller last season and went with a committee-based approach to offensive play calling in 2022. That was a bad call.

Bill O’Brien stepped back. That part will be improved. But clearly, there are many more bridges that need to be built. If there are many swings and misses with coaching philosophy, Maybe Bill’s successor will take over soon. More than we think.

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