NFL Rumors: The Bears are preparing to move on if a top NFL draft prospect falls.

The Chicago Bears seem willing to take a chance on Jalen Carter if it falls to them.

It’s one of the biggest gambles in recent memory, but it looks like the Chicago Bears are willing to take a chance on Georgia’s Jalen Carter.

If he doesn’t know what’s going on, off the field issues, Including the racing event in which two people lost their livesmixed with The missing pro day in GeorgiaTeams made Carter tired and Remove it from their boards.

That, despite his physical gifts, could be enough of a sign of red flags to suggest that Carter’s NFL career won’t measure up and he’ll fall in the draft.

In light of his performance, the Bears are said to be doing their due diligence on Carter.

“1) Jalen was in Chicago for 2 days earlier this week, according to sources. 2) The Bears have been doing a lot of homework on Jaylen, including talking to hometown guys, according to sources,” Daniel Greenberg tweeted.

The Pro Day issue could be due to Carter not being mentally ready due to the injury. Remember that Carter did not drive the crashed car or commit murder. For those looking to hang Carter, keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions.

However, forgotten on the field, Jalen Carter has been a nightmare for opponents. The stats aren’t gaudy and gaudy, but the tape alone shows that Carter can be a game-breaker. His physical tools speak for themselves, even when he’s getting doubles and triple-teams. in addition, He still has a top ten job.

The Bears would have taken a big gamble on Jalen Carter if he fell to them.

The only way you can see this working is if head coach Matt Eberfuss and defensive coordinator Allen Williams can reach out to Carter and give him the help he needs to not only put on a few pounds, but to ensure his career. The NFL is as tough as it gets in college.

College stats on the field justify the overall pick, but the flags off the field are a bigger concern.

If Chicago can get the most out of Carter, discussions of Warren Sapp or Tommy Harris aren’t far off. However, if Carter goes the wrong way and challenges the space between them, the Albert Hainsworth comparisons aren’t far off either. The Bears’ biggest draft punch in history.

There’s a good chance Carter will be gone before the Bears get a chance to take him, but given the current situation, there’s a chance he could slide to Chicago, and as crazy as it sounds, he could go for Will Anderson.

Stranger things happen on draft night, and it will be interesting to see what happens later this month and whether Jalen Carter becomes a Bear or ends up on another team’s roster.

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