NFL Rumors: Raiders are putting up the most obvious smoke screen with recent QB visit.

The Raiders can’t really be serious about taking this quarterback in the draft. They’re just doing their due diligence, that’s all.

It’s official. NFL draft month, which means it’s also a month with more speculation than the current norm. Which rumors are true and which are nothing but smoke and mirrors? One of Ian Rapoport’s latest tweets It indicates that Las Vegas robbers They are definitely on to something.

The Raiders are reportedly hosting Kentucky quarterback Will Lewis for a visit on Monday. While Levi’s peers Bryce Young and C.J. Strode are known for their passing ability and presence in the pocket and are unquestionable top-5 picks, Levi’s has led the conversation for…Posting his highlights Before the draft.

His physical attributes, combined with his modest stats, make Lewis’ true value against thin quarterback options this year controversial, but the Raiders are at least taking a flier on the big-bodied Kentucky product.

Are the invaders real? Would they really use the No. 7 overall pick to take Levis?

No one is fooled by the Flyers hosting Kentucky QB Will Lewis for a visit.

The consensus gut reaction should be that the Raiders are putting up a big smokescreen before the draft, and are dealing with every top QB prospect on principle and principle alone.

Lewis is widely regarded as coming out of a weak program below Young and Stroud and exhibiting traits that will make him desirable to QB-challenged teams. He’s built differently, but his massive linebacker-esque figure doesn’t necessarily translate to success at his position, and many around the league don’t believe he’s true first-round material.

The Raiders have Jimmy Garoppolo at the Patriots shortstop for 2023 and continue to be linked to rumors of a potential trade to increase the board for the top prospect. Staying seventh overall and selecting Levis feels like a waste of a top-ten pick, as if the franchise is shrugging its shoulders and casually walking away from a young good-ish quarterback who says, well, why not?

Instead of taking an unproven talent like Levis, Las Vegas might be better off going big or going home, which would mean trading up or moving back in the NFL draft. Whatever the Raiders do, depending on Jimmy G’s ability to stay healthy, they could be in limbo at the center for at least a year.

At the end of the day, who are we to say we know more than general manager Dave Ziegler or head coach Josh McDaniel? The choice to take Levis or not is entirely up to the Raiders.

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