NFL Rumors: Packers Aaron Rodgers insurance offer rejected by Jets

The Jets want insurance from the Packers in the Aaron Rodgers trade, but have turned down Green Bay’s best offer so far.

If not something to do Aaron Rodgers Business takes forever, is another. We heard the quarterback cooled things down, Rodgers said it was him. Green Bay Packers They were catching up, but reports indicated that the New York Jets were catching up.

So the latest update in this regard should not shock anyone as there is another hold. But the catch in this example is a bit surprising.

One of the biggest hangups for the Jets is that the backup quarterback will reportedly want insurance in any trade package for Aaron Rodgers if he decides he wants to retire after the 2023 season. There were reports that the Packers were hesitant to include that. However, Yahoo! NFL commissioner Charles Robinson reported that Green Bay tried to work with him.

Robinson reports that the Packers are willing to include a 2023 second-round pick and a 2024 first-round pick to include a conditional 2025 pick if Rodgers doesn’t play in the 2024 season. But the Jets shot down what he offered.

Packers rumors: Jets shot Aaron Rodgers trade insurance offer

It may just be the Jets playing hardball in this case, as they want protection on the pick they send to Green Bay in 2024, but it seems incredibly short-sighted on New York’s part for the Packers to facilitate an insurance deal. Say no to this business and then to that.

The short explanation for the Aaron Rodgers trade not happening yet seems to be that both teams continue to dig their feet into the mud on various issues. This is another one of those, this time with the Jets responsible.

It’s draft night, April 27th, which feels like the unofficial deadline for fans to wait for this trade to be completed. However, if the Jets are turning down a deal like the one reported for Robinson, then the Packers could be in a tough spot with their quarterback and this trade.

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