NFL Rumors: 3 Teams Should Try to Trade for Saquon Barkley Amidst Giants Issues

Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants could be barreling for a trade. These teams should try to get into the game and see if they can get it.

Saquon Barkley took the franchise tag from New York GiantsAnd the latest NFL gossip Indicate that. He will not be motivated to sign any time soon..

At this point, the options go down one of three paths: Barkley can cave and sign the label. Secondly, the two parties can negotiate a multi-year agreement separate from the account. Third, the Giants and Barkley could team up to find him an entirely new home.

The third option doesn’t exactly suit the Giants, and it doesn’t suit Barkley either. But at this point, if the relationship between team and player is broken, the best may be in the future.

If the two sides are looking at that option, these teams should be on the hook. We’ll look at three legitimate options, but first, an honorable mention that probably won’t be in the race for cap space reasons.

Note, all of these teams are in opposite conferences, and in the real world, the Giants wouldn’t be motivated to trade anywhere in the NFC if they could help it.

Honorable mention: Buffalo Bills

Thanks for all the money you’ve given to stars like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills You don’t have much flexibility. Most likely, the team that trades for Barkley will trade for the franchise tag amount or somewhere in that ballpark, so the Giants will need more than $10 million to land him unless they take on some salary or other balancing moves. .

Currently, the accounts have a balance of approximately $5.5 million.

While Buffalo could use a running back after watching Devin Singletary walk to the Texans, that may not be the solution in the real world.

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