Musk replaces Twitter logo with Dodge as Dogecoin lawsuit seeks dismissal.

On Monday, Twitter users took to the platform and noticed something strange.

The blue bird logo commonly seen in Twitter has been replaced. Instead of birds, users saw Dodge, an internet meme of the Shiba Inu obsessed with Elon Musk’s 51-year-old father.

Twitter menu with Dodge

Twitter’s menu bar now shows a doge instead of a blue bird.
Credit: Mishable screenshot

A Dodge icon appears on the web in the top left corner of the menu, replacing a Twitter bird named Larry. It replaces the Twitter logo that was once placed at the top of the screen on mobile devices. Twitter is showing a dodge meme on the loading page screen on the web.

It’s unclear exactly why Twitter did this, though it certainly wasn’t approved by Musk himself. The timing is just as strange. Today is April 3rd. April Fools’ Day was a few days ago. It seems like this is something that should have been released then (if you ever needed it) Twitter tried to release this in time for April 1st, failed and decided to launch when it was ready anyway?

Whatever the reason, a lot of Twitter Users(Opens in a new tab) found is it.(Opens in a new tab) to be very Lame(Opens in a new tab).

One interesting thing about the timing is that it coincides with reports that Musk is trying to dismiss a lawsuit related to Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is Elon Musk’s most popular memecoin cryptocurrency. He was elevated. For years. Crypto Token Hits All-Time High On May 2021 Hosted By Musk Saturday Night Live. When Musk mentioned Dogecoin on-air and live, the crypto rose to $0.74. He fell quickly As investors began to sell their assets, many retail investors grabbed the bag. Dogecoin has hovered no higher than $.06 and $.08 since the beginning of this year.

Last year investors a charge(Opens in a new tab) $258 billion against Musk for allegedly playing in a pyramid scheme to promote Dogecoin. On Friday, Musk’s lawyers he asked(Opens in a new tab) For the case to be dismissed, he called the case “a work of fiction”.

Shortly after Twitter replaced its blue bird logo with Dogecoin today, Dogecoin prices Sharp(Opens in a new tab) From 0.07 to 0.10 USD.

Dogecoin price

Dogecoin price skyrocketed when Twitter replaced Bluebird with Dogecoin.
Credit: Mishable screenshot / CoinMarketCap

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