MSRDC construction of new missing line on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to reduce travel time

To save 20 to 25 minutes of travel time, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation has started construction of a new slip road on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This new road will connect Khopoli and Kusgaon, and 65% of the work has already been completed and the remaining work is progressing rapidly.

The MSRDC project says the construction of the new line will be completed by the end of the year and ready for service by January 2024, but the Mumbai-Pune Expressway has made the journey faster, but the risks have also increased. To avoid accidents, MSRDC decided to build a new defunct road from Kopoli to Kusgaon.

The construction of the 19.80 km new line started in February 2019. MSRDC is confident that the new route will increase passenger safety and reduce congestion between Mumbai and Pune. The 95 km long expressway is already receiving regular maintenance and upgrades. Mumbai-Pune expressway toll hiked up to 18.51% from April 1.

Do you know the toll rate increase in India from 1st April 2023?

Every three years the expressway toll increases. The increase from this April is important because the last update was on April 1, 2020. On April 1, 2026, there will be another fee increase.

By 2022, for all types of cars using the country’s highways, toll rates will increase by up to 15 percent. Currently, the country’s highways collect an average of INR 2.19 per kilometer. The hike will go from INR 5 per day to INR 1,150 per month as per the new NHAI regulations. Mumbai-Pune, one of the busiest expressways in India, will increase the toll by 18% from April 1, a representative of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation said.

Mumbai Pune Expressway

As per the recent toll hike, private cars will now pay INR 320 instead of the previous INR 270, and an additional 40 rupees will be charged as Vashi toll naka when entering Mumbai. According to Anand Kulkarni, director of CRISIL Ratings, according to an analysis of 49 toll roads in 14 states of India, toll rates on national highways increased by 10.5 percent in FY23.

Their own estimates indicate that the rate hike for FY24 will be around 5%. Although traffic growth is expected to slow down to 4-6 percent in FY24, it is expected to be better than the 2-3 percent CAGR of the previous four years. Real GDP growth is expected to fall to 6% and 7% by 23% in FY24, closely linked to traffic growth.

Before the payment price is increased, several criteria are considered. In addition to the relationship with the wholesale price index, PC Grover, executive director of the National Federation of Highway Builders, said additional services provided by the toll collector, the number of vehicles and political influence all play a large role in determining changes in tolls. .

According to the latest data, tolls collected on national highways in 2022 totaled INR 33,881, an increase of 21 percent from 2021. Additionally, in 2018-19, it has seen a 32 percent increase in prices nationwide.

Mumbai Pune Expressway

About Mumbai and Pune Road Trip:

Mumbai and Pune are major tourist cities in Maharashtra India. Mumbai being the financial capital of India attracts many tourists throughout the year and also locals love to travel between Mumbai and Pune because of the picturesque ghats and scenery that you can witness and enjoy. Monsoon season is especially crazy for a road trip from Mumbai to Pune as it is the most beautiful time of the year.

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