MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan and journalist Matt Taibbi On Thursday, he sparred about the Twitter files on multiple platforms, while a controversial on-air interview spilled over into social media.

Tybee introduced Hassan to Substack subscribers on Thursday for his debut drama, which teases him as a member of the “Peacock Farm Team.”

“I’m going to be interviewed today by Mehdi Hassan on MSNBC,” Tybee wrote. “I’m waiting for someone like a root canal or an anus. I accepted the invitation because it was wrong to refuse, he happened to be planning a good faith conversation. If you’re reading this. Things went the other way.”

After Thursday, the interview was released MSNBC’s streaming platform And Hassan, who has long praised his own debating skills, quickly made it clear that he planned to attack Taibbi. Hasan set up the interview by praising TB’s previous work as an advocating for the “minor” in his role as an exposé before telling viewers that the subster journalist is now “telling a different story.” Twitter’s once-secret internal communications. He once called himself Tybee’s “former fan”.

Far-left MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan and reporter Matt Taibbi clashed on separate platforms Thursday.

Far-left MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan and reporter Matt Taibbi clashed on separate platforms Thursday. (MSNBC/Screenshot)

‘Twitter Files’ hearing erupts after Matt Taibbi refuses to reveal sources in heated exchange with Democrat

Hasan debunks theory of Twitter files, GOP releases Taibbi’s report. Many other veteran outlets said the report was much ado about nothing. Once Tybee appeared in the distance, the two clashed from the jump.

“So, as I expected, you’ve started your do-it-yourself-the-person routine. Well done,” Tybee said in a tweet before explaining the importance of the job. Tybee believes his work reveals “quasi-state censorship” related to various issues, including the censorship of conservatives.

Hasan accused Taib of “leaving out the crucial context” and immediately pushed back on the idea of ​​government censorship. The two disagreed, and Hassan Taibbi said the information was either “incompetent” or deliberately withheld.

“You’re incompetent? Are you kidding me? You’re MSNBC,” Tybee shot back. “My God, you guys have only done six years of Russian history.”

Tybee about Rachel Maddow and Other MSNBC hosts who spent years pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Notably, Hassan did not deny the claims or defend the network.

“Well, that was predictable,” Hassan said before continuing.

The two continued to argue, particularly over Hunter Biden’s nudity and whether they violated Twitter’s terms of service. Hassan then showed receipts for various items in Taibbi’s report, which he claimed were “mistakes”. Tybee admits to some examples of typos and gaffes by the MSNBC host, but he mostly stands by his work.

Hasan pushed Tybee to “edit” various tweets he sent while reporting on Twitter’s files and accused him of refusing to say anything critical of Twitter owner Elon Musk. Accusations of platform censorship Critics of the Indian government.

“I think he’s done a great public service,” Tybee said of Musk’s efforts to reveal the once-secret Twitter relationship.

Matt Taibbi Sen. Angus King AS Lawyer Responds To Censorship Claims From Recent Twitter Files

Matt Taibbi was among the freelance journalists chosen to reveal the once-secretive internal communications of the social media juggernaut by Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Matt Taibbi was among the freelance journalists chosen to reveal the once-secretive internal communications of the social media juggernaut by Twitter owner Elon Musk. (Fox News)

Hassan then played a clip of Tibbi 2021, saying journalists shouldn’t be “hands-on”, suggesting he was a hypocrite and was given the documents needed to report the Twitter files. Tybee once again used MSNBC’s past to point out that the network itself isn’t perfect.

“It’s unbelievable that this joke from MSNBC that has done nothing but vomit fake Russiagate stories straight from the FBI for six straight years that you guys still haven’t apologized for,” Tybee said.

Again, Hasan failed to defend his employer, instead taking a no-me approach.

“I wasn’t around during that time, so I have nothing to apologize for,” Hassan said.

Hassan and Taibi continued to argue, the nearly 30-minute interview mostly consisting of hostile moments and disagreements. Hasan tweeted out portions of the interview, saying it caught Taibi in “glaring errors.”

“I’ve got something wrong, or a few things wrong, but for the most part I think these stories hold up over time,” Tybee said. “Unlike your Russiagate story.”

Hassan smiled at the Russiagate dig before telling Tybee he’s been a “huge fan” of his for years and suggesting he’s about to ask a question that’s not in “bad faith.” Hassan blasted Tybee on Twitter in which he told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, that it was an “honor” to speak in front of a Twitter file hearing last month.

“It’s been an honor, it’s been an honor to talk to Congress,” Tybee said. “I’m proud to have done this.”

Elon Musk gives Dave Rubin a behind-the-scenes look at Twitter and what causes shadowbans.

The heated interview ended with Taib calling Democrats a “threat” to free speech and the MSNBC host saying Republicans are the “biggest” threat to the First Amendment.

“We’re going to have to disagree on that,” Hassan said before ending the interview when Tybee tried to make another point about Hunter Biden.

Elon Musk’s Twitter files reveal what the tech giant has learned so far

Tybee took to Twitter, blasting Hassan for “boasting over minor errors,” “dismissing both the content and the history of censorship,” saying he never knew about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal on the air for “dismissing both the content and the history of censorship,” and “proving deliberate intelligence deception.” Tybee went on to point out MSNBC’s inaccurate Russiagate report.

on its SubstackTaibbi admits to getting “personal” in an outlet that once held him in high esteem.

“Audiences have a right to ask journalists to sleep in fear, and every good person I’ve ever met does,” he wrote. “But my friends at MSNBC adopted another model, which led to the biggest train wreck in the history of our business. Now they have stones to point to. I In this ‘what happened?’ Normal. The following words are rarely justified at all, but really, MSNBC: F– You.”

MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Daily Beast called MSNBC host Tybee “shaking,” while conservatives praised the reporter for speaking out against Hassan. Others criticized Hassan Taib’s attempts to criticize him for minor mistakes, with watchdogs on both sides of the political spectrum claiming victory in the heated interview.

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