Million-Dollar Athlete: Angel Reese Named Highest-Paid Women's College Basketball Star!

After one NCAA Champion And a brief stint with Jill Biden’s idea of ​​a White House tour. Angel Reese Named the top earner in all of women’s college basketball!

on tuesday, in 3 sports Reese just announced that he has a NIL (name, image and likeness) worth of $1.3 million! With that, the 20-year-old LSU Tiger athlete will become the highest-paid women’s college basketball star.

In addition to this million dollar figure, Reese—better known as Ayo Barbie—has amassed more than 2 million social media followers “since the beginning of March Madness.”

A quick scroll through Reese’s Instagram shows that Bayou Barbie product And Neil’s jerseys to partner with Growing canesshe’s booked, she’s busy and she does it!

Angel Reese says she’s making more than some of the best WNBA players.

Speaking of Angel Reese gettin’ into the bag, we should add that she’s already said she touches more money than some of the top WNBA athletes.

In the post-championship period I am an athlete podcast, Reese—a college sophomore—says she’s in “no rush” to join the WNBA.

“I’m not in a hurry. “I’m chillin’ right now…I’m not in a rush to go to the league.”

She emphasized her position. I make more money than any of the best players in the league.

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Talking about her coin, Reese mentioned some upcoming purchases she has in mind, like another car and some new digs.

“I’m shopping. [within] These next two weeks. I’m definitely getting a new car, and I’m going somewhere new.”

When asked which vehicle she had her eye on, she said she wanted to get her hands on a Mercedes Benz. IKTR!

Last week, the athlete confirmed she would visit the White House with her LSU teammates after declining the invitation. Jill Biden inspired. The rejected invitation After suggesting that the runner-up team, the Iowa Hawkeyes, should join the LSU Tigers on their tour of honor. President Biden made it clear that only the winners of the women’s and men’s NCAA championships will attend the visit.

Shout out to Angel Reese! We can’t wait to see what this young star does in her future endeavors.

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