Marlon Wayans Tributes Father Howell Wayans' Passing: 'You Know You're Sitting in the VIP'

Howell Wayans—the patriarch of Hollywood’s uber-famous Wayans family—passed away, and Marlon Wayans It took a while to pay tribute to him online.

Marlon Wayans reflects on his father’s influence: ‘Baby Loves You’

Weekend, the White chicks The actor shared the news with A Instagram Post. Beneath a photo of the father-son duo, Marlon began by calling his father a “legend.”

Marlon shares a conversation he had with Howl about what the Wayan patriarch wanted to be as a child, to which his father simply responded, “I wanted to be a man.”

“From that day on, I wanted to be a man,” Marlon said after Howell explained why, saying “a man takes on himself and his responsibilities.”

He then thanked Howell for being a “role model” before declaring, “I pray that all young black boys grow up to be men like you.” Plus, he wrote, “Baby loves you.”

“Thank you Pop for being such an example to all your boys. I pray that all young black men become men like you. Baby loves you. And if I need it, I know exactly where to find it…in my Bible that’s now by the bed. Rest.”

Marlon asked his father to convey a message to his dead mother It has passed By mid-2020. Affectionately, he says he now has “two angels” and says, “I still feel you lift me up.”

“Give Ma a kiss. Tell her the kids miss her. I’ve got two angels. I feel like you all lifted me up.”

As his heartfelt post ended, Marlon said, “If there’s heaven, I’ll be sitting in a VIP sippin’ and drinking the best wine Jesus can make…”

Marlon Howell Wines says he always thinks when he drinks ‘fine wine’

Speaking of wine, Marlon followed up this lengthy upload by sharing another photo of his dad sitting down with a glass of red.

This second post is simply “My Man 50 Great. Every time I drink good wine, I think of you.

We send our prayers and condolences to Marlon Wayans and the rest of the Wayans family at this time.

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