Marjorie Taylor Green doesn't find New York City trash and Twitter users.

Republic Marjorie Taylor Greene (ar-ga) torn New York City Wednesday as a “disgusting” place following her brief visit to the city for support. Donald Trump On the day he was He was arrested and charged with money laundering.

Greeney addressed Trump supporters through a megaphone outside Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday, as protesters blew whistles and chanted “go home” at her.

The scene, miles away from his congressional district, drew reactions. From New York Mayor Eric Adams“They told her that,” said House Democratic Leader Jamal Bowman (DNI), who condemned her hate speech.come back” to Georgia.

Green in an interview with the host of Fox News Tucker CarlsonShe did not speak well of her experience in the city.

“I liken it to what I call Gotham City,” Greaney said. “It was disgusting, it smelled bad, I thought it was a terrible place.

Twitter users, including Republic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz (DN.Y.), mocked Greene for her comments.


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