Manchester United's famous player Bryan Robson had a minor car accident

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson was involved in a car accident during United’s match against Everton at Old Trafford at the weekend.

According to The Sun, Robson was on his way to the stadium for lunch when the incident happened.

Fortunately, Robo was unharmed and emerged from the car unharmed and discussed the incident with local authorities.

A car was damaged when Robson’s car booted and the other vehicle hit him from behind.

“I didn’t see the other car involved, but it looked like it was rear-ended,” the witness said.

Robo was wearing club clothes at the time of the incident. Robson is a club ambassador.

The former midfielder is undoubtedly one of United’s greatest players, having made 470 appearances for the club over thirteen years.

Robson scored 103 goals for United and was the driving force behind Sir Alex Ferguson’s formative years at the club, laying the foundations for the club’s reign of dominance.

He finally made his way to Old Trafford on Saturday, where he was seen in attendance for a crucial victory for United.

Former United captain Scott McTominay and Anthony Martial scored twice to give United a comfortable win and keep them in the race for a top-four finish in the Premier League.

Eric Ten Hag’s side won back-to-back league games last weekend after four defeats by rivals Newcastle.

Robson is thankfully fit and good and ready to throw in support from Ten Hag and his men as they battle it out on three fronts in the final stages of the marathon season.

United’s Europa League quarter-finals and FA Cup semi-finals, as well as crucial league games this month, could mark the next few weeks of the season.

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