A Malaysian woman dies and husband is left in a coma after the couple ate butterfish for lunch.

An 83-year-old woman has passed away. The husband fell into a coma after the couple ate pufferfish. according to InsiderLittle did the couple know that the fish contained “lethal toxins.”

The couple did not know the fish was poisonous.

According to the couple’s daughter, Ng Ai Lee, her 84-year-old father bought the pufferfish from a fishmonger in Malaysia. Lee added that her father had never heard of the fish before.

“My parents have been buying fish from a fisherman for many years; So my father didn’t think about it.

Lee also said that her father had “never” knowingly put the family’s life “at risk”.

“He would not have put their lives in danger by knowingly buying something deadly to eat.

The effect of using the killer pufferfish

According to Lee, her mother, Lim Siew Guan, started having “breathing problems” and started shaking after eating the fried fish for lunch. Her father soon saw the same symptoms.

Lee and her brother rushed to reach their parents. However, halfway through the journey, they learn of their mother’s death.

The 83-year-old’s cause of death was listed as “food poisoning caused by a neuropathogen with respiratory failure and cardiac arrhythmia, possibly from ingesting the fish.”

Lee’s 84-year-old father is now in a coma and under intensive care at the hospital.

“I’m prepared for the worst because even if the doctor can take the test, he may not because of his old age,” he told us.

According to the outlet, pufferfish can “contain powerful and deadly toxins” that can cause “severe illness and death.” Furthermore, pufferfish are only safe to eat if the fish is “washed and prepared in a special way that removes the toxic parts.” In addition, the toxins found in fish cannot be destroyed by cooking.

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