Leaked intelligence document shows long-time US ally Egypt plans to secretly supply 40,000 rockets and munitions to Russia: report

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (front R) talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin (front L) during a welcoming ceremony when Putin arrives at Cairo International Airport on February 9, 2015.REUTERS/Mikhail Klimentyev/RIA Novosti/Kremlin

  • Egypt secretly negotiated a huge arms and ammunition sale to Russia. The Washington Post

  • The revelation was revealed in a leaked top-secret document, posted on Discord.

  • The US says there is no proof that Egypt sold 40,000 rockets to Russia, the Post reported.

A leaked US intelligence document reveals secret arms talks between Egypt and Russia in which Egyptian President Abel Fattah el-Sisi plans to hand over tens of thousands of rockets to the Kremlin.

The Washington Post got it A series of classifieds files posted to the gaming forum Discord in February and March. One of the files details discussions between senior Egyptian officials regarding arms sales to Russia.

In a document, Sisi instructed officials to keep the shipment and mass production of weapons secret, “to avoid problems with the West.”

The top-secret document, dated February 17, details discussions among Egyptian officials about how to supply their Russian counterparts with gunpowder and artillery from Egyptian factories.

Egypt, a longtime U.S. ally that receives more than $1 billion in military aid a year, is strengthening ties with Moscow under the LCC regime, the Post reported.

The revelation, first reported by the Post, could have a chilling effect on US-Egyptian relations and could lead to sanctions if Egypt secretly supplied the weapon to Russia.

Last week, several US documents were leaked online, revealing a new wrinkle. Russian campaign in Ukraine and key details About the military of Ukraine.

It is still unclear who released the documents, as some of the documents include information about China’s intelligence analysis, detailed descriptions of the Russian and Ukrainian wars, and confidential sources.

The Pentagon has officially referred the matter to the US Department of Justice for investigation.

Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Egyptian ambassador to the US, told the Post newspaper that Egypt’s position from the beginning is based on its determination not to get involved in this crisis and to maintain an equal distance with both sides. The United Nations Charter and international law in the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly. We continue to urge both sides to stop the war and reach a negotiated political solution.

US security officials told The Post that the massive arms deal had never materialized in recent months.

The Pentagon did not immediately return a request for comment.

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