Laura Ingraham: We're not hearing the truth about the war in Ukraine.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham shares how the Biden administration became a “scapegoat” after Massachusetts Air National Guard Jack Teixeira allegedly leaked classified documents.Ingraham’s angle.”

Laura Ingraham: But the truth is, we are not hearing the truth. Perhaps the 21-year-old’s view of the Intel community isn’t far-fetched. The American people have every right to know the truth about nature. To get their 200 billion dollars And considering the commitment to Ukraine. If the prediction of victory is dire, we should all know it. If China is returning lethal aid to Ukraine, we should know that. This is the data that Americans will be able to vote on in 2024.

Leaked Pentagon documents show Ukraine’s air defense supplies may last only a month.

They were secretly planning to arm Russia with rockets despite billions in aid to Egypt over the years. According to reports, Biden has tested and deployed a new long-range hypersonic missile that could potentially evade US defenses while keeping China down. But maybe it’s more important than that. This is a violation of intelligence It shows us how vulnerable we are. If a 21-year-old with no special training could do so much damage, it must have gone unnoticed for so long – lord only knows what secrets the Chinese have. As the Associated Press notes, the suspect’s arrest is likely to raise questions about how high-level intel was released over the years. A young, low-level service member. Now, also in some circles, Mr. Teixeira is hailed as a whistleblower.

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Well, he revealed crucial information that could have major political implications, hidden from the public. And we certainly like Democrats and the press to honor certain types of speakers.

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