LaTocha Scott says she and Rocky Bivens have an 'open relationship'—not an open marriage: 'It's not that good!'

Latocha Scott Xscape is walking back her previous statement about her and her husband. Rocky BivensOpen communication!

The R&B singer made her debut on Mood’s IG Live.

as a Shadow room As reported earlier, Latocha recently commented on her marriage on Instagram Live.

After tearfully recounting her drama with sister Tamika Scott, LaTocha opened up about the “accusations” against her husband.

Bivens was previously rumored to have fathered a child with another woman.

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After stating that she was “well aware of the allegations” against him, she said “how she sees it.[s] Everything” and boast of having an “open relationship”.

Not long after Latocha announced this, he said, “Not everyone is always truthful. Things happen.

“Some people keep quiet about having an open relationship. They want to keep it secret, but we have that. You shall all be judged, and you shall all live, that we may be judged, or what men say. You are all married. Not everyone is always truthful. Things happen.

Latocha Scott commented: ‘We have an open. relationship

Now Latocha is clarifying her comments and suggesting that she and Rocky do. is not Open communication – at least in A common feeling of the word.

Her revelation came during a recent sit down. Watch what happened live with Andy Cohen. During an appearance on Bravo’s late-night talk show, Cohen gave LaTocha a chance to clarify the “overwhelming” situation.

LaTocha says that when she says she and Rocky have an “open relationship,” she really means “an open relationship.” So instead of announcing that she and Rocky are in relationships with other people, LaTocha said, she was highlighting the couple’s healthy communication habits.

“We communicate. We have a clear relationship,” he said.

She added that Rocky said, “It’s not that good,” before saying, “I was emotional that day.”

What do you think about LaTocha Scott’s latest comment? Also, do you believe that confusing “open communication” with “open communication” is an understandable mistake?

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