Larissa Lima Flees Back to Vegas, Says She’s Tired of the Domestic Violence

At the end of last summer, Larissa Lima discusses her new career. And she left Las Vegas coming from there.

She and on-again, off-again boyfriend Eric Nichols stepped out together. But it didn’t last long. Huge red flags It went viral on social media.

Now Larissa has announced her return to Vegas.

Unfortunately, this homecoming is not under happy circumstances. Larissa describes horrific domestic violence, and her fans hope she can successfully escape.

90 Day Fiancé celeb Larissa Lima has modeled several outfits for her followers, pointing out the pros and cons of the look in both English and Portuguese. (Image credit: Instagram)

For years, Larissa Lima was one. 90 day engagementThe most talked about cast members. Now, she hasn’t been seen on an episode of the franchise for a while.

Shortly before many of the cast members started their OnlyFans careers, Larissa made a live streaming video. Apparently, it was a breach of contract. Although the producers had other options, they ended their relationship with Larissa.

Since then, she has had incredible success with Onliphant. But that didn’t mean all aspects of her life were going well.

Dressed in a kissable dress, Larisa Lima wowed both Portuguese and English-speaking followers with her beauty routine and style goals. (Image credit: Instagram)

“Coming back to Las Vegas,” Larissa announced on her Instagram story in early April.

“I’m tired of domestic violence,” she said. And please be warned, it gets much more graphic than this.

Larissa added that she felt “suffocated” and exhausted. It seems she meant it literally.

In the year In early April 2023, Larissa Lima told her followers that she planned to return to Las Vegas – apparently to escape the ongoing domestic violence. (Image credit: Instagram)

Larissa continued, “Someone who always scares you.

“That’s enough,” she assured him.

Another Instagram story post seems to elaborate on that.

In her story, Larisa Lima mentions that despite her success, her only fans have received extremely hateful messages. At first, it seemed like she was receiving hate from “fans.” It seems that she wanted to say someone in her real life, though. (Image credit: Instagram)

At first, Larissa seemed to be responding to her usual trolls.

There are some strange people in this world who look at someone who has a very lucrative solo fan career and ask him to “get a job”. Like… they have one. OnlyFans Modeling is a form of sex work. It’s work—and in Larisa’s case, a very financially rewarding one.

However, as Larissa continues, she makes it clear that it’s about a cruel man, not trolls. “Why did you stay?” “Because I believe that people can change,” Larisa asked.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols for Valentine's Day 2021
Legend’s 90-day fiance Larissa Lima and on-again boyfriend Eric Nichols were together on Valentine’s Day 2021.

Many people are speculating that Larissa is domestically abusing Eric Nicole, her estranged boyfriend of years.

We must emphasize that she did not say clearly. Not officially. There’s always a chance we know more about her personal life than we think.

In general, even if one’s assumptions are correct, it is often best to wait until an adult escaping domestic violence is ready to identify the abuser before naming them.

Larissa Lima flaunts her toned body in an eye-catching Turkish dress. Green is definitely her color! One of them, anyway.

90 day engagement Blogger John Yates, who was quick to think A screenshot of Larissa’s posts And share the troubling news, he said:

“I hope you finally escape this time.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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