Lalala or Okokok?  How to Play Viral TikTok Quiz.

If you are wondering why “Okokok” and “Lalalala” are randomly controlled Twitter And Tiktok It feeds… Nora up to Another viral TikTok questions.

This time, the question in question is based on artist Tyler, The Creator’s 2017 song “Let’s meet again(Opens in a new tab)” from Flower child, in collaboration with singer Kali Uchis. In the track, it’s almost four years now, as Tyler repeats “okay” while Kali sings on the chorus (the “lalala” element).

TikTok has decided that different lyrics can say a lot depending on which vibe they give off. And of course, there’s a quiz to find out exactly which “Okokok” or “Lalalala” you land on.

How to play okokok or malala TikTok questions

You can try the question on uQuiz(Opens in a new tab), where many viral TikTok experiments originate. Remember, the platform is capable Collect a lot of personal data provided, so participate at your own risk.

What does the result of the question mean?

Questions on the quiz range from “Pick a song you listened to in the last hour” to “How much water do you drink a day?” Various questions have been asked.

The score for “okokok” is Tyler the Creator-esque: your mood is “basically the feeling of going on a road trip to ur fav song wa friend and in the sun”. If you’re “lalalala,” you’re Kali Uchis, or “basically a fairy swinging on a dandelion puff on a warm spring day.”

On Tik Tok, the two categories have evoked something beautiful A(Opens in a new tab) String(Opens in a new tab) of(Opens in a new tab) Videos(Opens in a new tab) Showing the unique appearance and character of each.

All of this is to say: you never know what’s going to grab a TikToker’s attention.

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