Kristin Brown hangs with boyfriend's grandchildren, takes next step in serious relationship.

Yes, people.

It’s hard.

As all Sister Wives fans should know by now, Christine Brown is dating David Woolley.

The mother-of-six went public with her relationship on Valentine’s Day, just weeks after dating her first man since splitting from soulmate Cody Brown in November 2021.

Christine Brown spends time here with David Woolley and her lovely, daughters.

Almost immediately, it was clear that this romance was anything but casual… Christine calls David her soul mate. In her first article about him.

“I finally found the love of my life, David,” Brown wrote at the time.

“The first time he approached me, I felt like my soul took its first breath.

“He is wonderful and kind, an incredible and wonderful grandfather to my children. I never thought I would find love like this.

Kristen Brown and boyfriend David Woolley smile for the camera here while on vacation in Utah.

Now, meanwhile, Christine has shared the first photo of her and Wally joining their various family members.

In the Instagram screenshot at the beginning of this post, you can see the 50-year-old’s sister-in-law standing next to her husband and daughter, Kathy Charlene.

Also in the photo, Kathy’s three sons and 12-year-old daughter Christine, are real.

“So excited to see my daughter and her sons for a short visit! #kids #family #familytime #myqueen,” Woolley captioned the adorable group pose.

Kristen Brown and David Woolley seem happy together. And we are very happy for them!

Woolley was not shy about his love for Brown.

“When I’m with you we sit in our own little bubble and the world can spin around us and we just stand still and it’s perfect and I’ve never felt this way before.” David previously wrote on social media.

“When I took you to the Little Mermaid game, I saw how much you loved life and I knew I had something special for me. I am the luckiest man, thank you for having me.

“Love your king.”

Say hello to Kristin Brown’s boyfriend, David Woolley! Well done, you!

Kathy is very active on social media She praised her father and Christine. In the midst of their public love.

In February, he posted on TikTok, “Christine has found a way to make all my siblings feel loved, and she’s amazing.

Before publicly sharing David’s identity, Christine said it was “truly unbelievable”.

This certainly seems like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

“I’m along for the ride.” David Woolley wrote as a caption for the photograph of himself and Christine Brown.

“I can’t express how amazing it was to have David in my life,” the Sister Wives cast member added via Instagram on Sunday, March 12, sharing a picture of the couple.

“He is an incredible man and he treats me like a queen.”

She went ahead and also added the hashtags “Unbelievably happy”, “My king”, “Love this life of mine” and “So blessed” on her post.


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