Kris Jenner Roasts Kourtney Kardashian For Not Promoting Wedding Special: It's Your Show!!

More than a month earlier than the previous one of The Kardashians Season 3Hulu just released a special event.

April 13 primary Til death do us part Kourtney & Travis They passed the audience at their wedding.

Many people (and corporate bodies) have worked hard to promote this. Was it Courtney?

Kris Jenner herself clearly shaded Kurt by raising a finger to promote her own wedding special.

In this all-exclusive snapshot, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker discuss their wedding preparations in black and white. (Image credit: Hulu)

Of all the streaming services out there, Hulu has one of the worst starts. You should always go to your For page to continue viewing what you just viewed.

In the meantime, you can ask all the hell you want on the home page. On Thursday, April 13, Kourtney and Travis’ wedding was special.

See for yourself: if you’re into Hulu, you can’t miss it.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding special was screened by everyone for the big premiere. (Image credit: Hulu)

There’s an Instagram account featuring North West, who Kourtney feels could have done more to promote the streaming event.

“Okay guys! Since she refuses to do any press to promote this, I just wanted to pop in and remind you all to watch Aunt Kurt’s first wedding special this week,” read a post from False North.

“I’m so excited for you all to watch this fairytale wedding,” wrote the parody account. Please tune in on April 13th to see Aunt Cort finally marry the man of Chris’ dreams: Rich, Rich and Famous.

Kourtney Kardashian relaxes in the arms of Travis Barker in this black and white exclusive from The Kardashians. (Image credit: Hulu)

What does that have to do with anything? Well… Kris Jenner herself “liked” the post (very officially).

Stop for a moment and imagine that your own grandmother “liked” an Instagram post as you. When you were nine years old. Chris is on. A whole other level.

Maybe someone is promoting the Hulu premiere, Momaju wondered. Or maybe she, like Fake North, was a little upset that Kourtney didn’t make a big fuss about her own wedding special.

Travis Barker visits Kourtney Kardashian as the two discuss the setup and decor for their (third) wedding ceremony. (Image credit: Hulu)

For the record, Courtney didn’t completely ignore him Til death do us part Kourtney & Travis. She shared a clip to her Instagram story, and promoted a few other slides on social media.

Maybe Cort felt that was enough. She often projects a more laid back image than Kim. Kim is always on, always tackling more projects. Courtney gives the impression of the person who wants it be happy her life.

Also, Courtney may have felt a little embarrassed by some of the exclusive revelations (despite having veto power over content).

For example, remember the Vegas wedding? Courtney and Travis clearly enjoyed some tequila that night.

The special revealed that the Elvis impersonator who performed things for them accidentally called Kourtney “Chloe.”

“i cry. Wait, we need to FaceTime Khloe, we need to FaceTime her,” a cacking coot told Travis. “Of course she’s going to die.”

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Kiss in Vegas
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shared some steamy kisses during their fake wedding in Las Vegas.

Then Cort and Travis, who live in Italy, find out that they can’t get married in a church because “the Italian Catholic Church is too strict.”

“And we needed very specific documents or a one-year Catholic course,” she explained.

So the outdoor wedding, they used a helicopter to bring in a piano, and asked a pastor to officiate. Things turned out beautiful… but there were a lot of bumps in the road.

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