Keep your dog busy with this $35 automatic, interactive toy

TL;DR From April 13, find out Evil Ball is an interactive pet toy(Opens in a new tab) It retails for $34.99 (eg $49) – that’s a 28% discount.

It’s not fair, but your dog may not always be available to play when he wants it. At work, outdoors, or just laying around, sometimes your dog may need a healthy way to relax on its own. The wicked ball is one. Interactive pet toy(Opens in a new tab) It works with automatic play and rest cycles to keep your child awake, and retails for $34.99 (eg $49).

A dog toy for when you are not at home

There may be a better way for your dog to spend time alone that doesn’t involve messing with your furniture. This Funded by Kickstarter(Opens in a new tab) The dog toy is fully automatic with three interaction modes Keep your pet occupied. Puppies who need a way to get all that energy out may respond well to an active setting. A soft position may be suitable for larger dogs, and a normal position is somewhere in between. Set Intelligent Companion mode to start after 10 minutes of play followed by 30 minutes of rest.

All dogs are different, but the Wicked Ball plans even for food-obsessed pups, who only get up to sniff a snack. Add a few treats to the built-in snack to add a tasty edge to playtime.

The Wicked Ball is a smart weapon, but it’s still like a Dog toy(Opens in a new tab). This means that biting, tickling and scratching are stopped. It’s even waterproof, so your fluffy St. Bernard or Bloodhound can join in the fun.

Keep your dog busy while you are at work

Give your dog a new toy to keep them excited, engaged and playing while outdoors.

For a limited time, get it. Evil Ball is an interactive dog toy(Opens in a new tab) On sale for $34.99 (eg $49).

Prices are subject to change.

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