Julia Trubkina ROBBED! Thieves Stole Money, Passport, and More

90 day engagement Fans were already watching. Julia Trubkina has a visa problem with anxiety.

For some unknown reason, her immigration process was delayed. This happens sometimes, but it’s scary.

Now something a little scary happened. There is more than one way to lose documents. At this point, he had nothing to do with the immigration service.

a person It was stolen Julia – stealing money, her passport and other important documents.

In her story post, Julia Trubkina shared a sad story. Someone stole everything from her car – including her ID. (Image credit: Instagram)

Julia Trubkina shared her shocking news and emotional distress on her Instagram story the day after the crime.

“Someone broke into my car and stole all my documents,” he cried 90 day engagement alum shared on Tuesday, April 11.

“My passport, my documents, everything, money,” Julia listed. “fk what’s wrong with people?”

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs may look happy.
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6 stars Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs may look more interesting.

Julia updated fans and followers, including details of visiting the local police.

The thief or thieves emptied Julian’s bag and threw it onto a neighbor’s property.

And the robbers used her credit card to buy food and gas at a nearby McDonald’s. Fast, easy purchases before you deactivate the card and report it stolen.

(In fact, the visit was clearly for the benefit of the camera, because unless it is on TV, you will not see the price after visiting the apartment) Although Julia is not here, he pointed out that it is necessary to leave, because any apartment. It does not include dirty animals or a controlling narcissist. Julia didn’t say the last part, but we all know what Betty is.

“People write to me like this: Why did you leave your card and documents in your car? It’s your fault,” said Julia. People can be very cruel.

“It’s not uncommon to steal from people,” she said. “It’s not my fault. I have it on my property. [in my car]My Documents”

Blaming the victims is terrible. It is also very ugly. Anyone can take extra steps to protect themselves and their property, but they are crimes against them. Absolutely Their loss.

Julia Trubkina: I'm not a 90-day fiance Villa!  in case

All told, the robbery leaves Julia feeling part of the “hole” she and her life are in now.

“Every day, more and more horrible things happen to me,” she lamented.

“I don’t know what this is about,” Julia continued. But I’m crying every day.

In a touching statement, Julia Trubkina apologized for her (quite understandable) negativity over the robbery. (Image credit: Instagram)

“Guys, sorry for the negativity in my Instagram,” Julia later wrote in the Instagram caption under the photo of her and her husband Brandon Gibbs.

“I usually try not to share situations with us,” she said. “I try to share only the positive!”

“But,” Julia explained, “today was the last straw. Only my hands [slipped]He said.

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“Resentment and anger are inside me,” Julia said.

“I won’t stop crying,” she said. We can certainly understand that.

Julia concluded by telling her fans: “Thank you so much for all the kind words!”

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