Josie Duggar: Fans mark secret "health issues" in recent photo

It’s not often that all nine daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars are able to gather in one place.

And when Jinger returned home from Los Angeles earlier this week, her mom and sisters made sure to celebrate the occasion by taking their first group photo in years.

It was interesting to predict the fan reaction, as many commenters said. Michelle Duggar was wearing leggings.a sight we have never seen before.

But some fans have settled on a different detail in the picture, which they believe is cause for concern.

Yes, this is actually a photo of Michelle Duggar wearing leggings. What is the world coming to???? (Photo via Instagram)

At 13, Josie Duggar is the youngest of Jim Bob and Michelle Seed, and rarely appears on the family’s social media pages.

When she works, fans tend to speculate about her health and physical development.

This time around, Josie is noticeably shorter than Jordyn Duggar, who is less than a year old.

Jinger Duggar shared a photo of herself and her sisters. (Photo via Instagram)

One fan commented: “It’s crazy how short Josie is compared to Jordyn (they’re a year younger).” according to UK tabloid the sun.

“Maybe because she was the first lady?” asked another man.

“I think she probably has a lot of unresolved health issues,” chimed in a third.

Josie Duggar is the youngest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s many children. (Photo via Instagram)

Several commenters have signed off on the idea that Josie is suffering from some sort of illness, and many have suggested that’s why we don’t see much of her.

One person wrote: “Yes, I mean it after hearing Michelle talk about her ‘little flaws’ or whatever she calls them.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Josie wasn’t as healthy as everyone says,” added another.

Josie Duggar in a harness. (Photo via YouTube)

The idea that Josie may be dealing with a mysterious health issue is not new and gained steam earlier this year when the family posted a video of the teenager wearing the same outfit.

Others, however, noted that while Josie’s petite stature may be due to her premature birth, there is no reason to believe she is in a lifelong health battle.

There isn’t that much variation for pre-babies, so Josie could have it when she was a teenager. Tl;dr preemies are a millimeter shorter on average compared to full term babies,” one person wrote.

Josie Duggar with her mother Michelle. (Photo via Instagram)

“Siblings come in all shapes and sizes. They grow at different rates, and have different sizes as adults.

Jinger has reportedly been especially close to Josie, but she didn’t mention anything about the little Duggar during her recent visit home.

“We had a great time visiting my family in Arkansas,” Jinger captioned the photos.

Jinger Duggar smiles widely in this sweet photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

“Girl hanging out with all my sisters and my sweet mom, meeting some new nieces and nephews, eating lots of good food, and lots of late night chats.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

But now that Jinger is openly rebelling against her parents’ oppressive rule, you can be sure her conversations with her teenage siblings will be closely watched.

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