Josh Seiter to Amy Slaton: I'm coming for you!  keep in touch!

Josh Seiter is doubling down on his dating game.

Ever since he was sent home on season 11, the Bachelorette alum, desperate to stay relevant, has been trying to make waves for days. With 1000 Pound Sisters star Amy Slaten.

For example, last week he called her “beautiful.”

Does Seiter really have feelings for Slaton?

Or is he trying to make headlines by becoming a reality star that – from the sleazy to the honest – most viewers won’t find attractive?

Seiter answers the first question above in the affirmative.

“I’m going to Dixon. [Kentucky] “Wednesday morning.” Josh said to Ashley. On Monday, he said he lives about three hours from Slaton’s sister city.

I’m going because I can’t stop thinking about her since I first saw her on TV in 2020.

Amy, unfortunately, is it. Currently going through a divorce, as Husband Michael filed for legal separation From her in mid-March.

Remember these happy times??? Amy and her husband Michael are no longer a couple.

For his part, Seiter says the demand is legitimate.

“I’ve been attracted to older women all my life, and she describes the type of woman I like,” he says now.

“I haven’t been open or honest about my attractiveness in the past because of societal pressure, but recently I stopped worrying about what society thinks and that’s why I’m so open about my attraction to Amy.”

As you might expect, though, many critics are skeptical — especially as Seiter claims to be. Crush on Mary Brown.

“I’m drawn to Amy’s sense of humor and general sensibility,” Seiter continued.

“So it’s not just physical, it’s also personality.

“I’m a bit of an oddball and her sense of humor is similar to mine.

I love that she gets her hair done, is crafty, focuses on being healthy, has a fun way of dressing, and is a great mom.

Tammy Slaten and Amy Slaten
Tammy Slaten and Amy Slaten star in 1000 Pound Sisters. Here they are in a promotional photo.

So far, Amy has not returned Josh’s love.

But he is waiting for hope!

“I actually DMed her for the first time today…so I’ll see if she responds,” he said on Monday.

“Yes, I will come to her sister’s house, where she has been since the divorce, and knock on the door like the old way.

“I’ll have roses, chocolate, and your favorite soda pop. I introduced myself and asked if she would let me take her out to eat so I could get to know her.

Amy Slaton is the proud mother of two young sons. But you can catch a lot!

In closing, this tour looks amazing for Amy… unless she reads Hollywood Gossip.

“You don’t know I’m coming,” Josh said. “

So basically I’m going down there to ask if she’ll go out with me and be my girlfriend. I want to spend time with her and see where it goes.

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