Jimmy Kimmel immediately came out and talked about Trump

Jimmy Kimmel He was less than impressed. Donald TrumpA long interview with Tucker Carlson this week.

“It was an embarrassing interview,” Kimmel said, on a tangent about Trump talking about “two n-words,” one of which he said was “nuclear.”

“No one is talking about nuclear, our problem, the biggest problem we have in the world, global warming. It’s nuclear warming,” Trump said.

“What is this batty old man talking about?” Kimmel said, then described his search for more information on “nuclear warming” that came up empty. The reason nobody talks about nuclear warming is because it doesn’t happen.

All of this led Kimmel to one inescapable conclusion about the former president.

“It made one thing very clear: the fact that Donald Trump is a very stupid person,” Kimmel said. “I think it’s important to remember that. He doesn’t have it Best wordsHe is not A calm geniusthat Mental aptitude test Does he always boast that he passed? It’s something that an average 7-year-old can get through.”

Check out the full statement on Wednesday night’s single:

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