Jesse Waters: Is Michelle Obama Having a Hillary Moment?

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s return visit to her hometown ahead of the Democratic National Convention.Jesse Waters Premium.”

Jesse Waters: In the year Remember when Chicago hosted the Democratic Convention in 1968?… Democrats have decided they want more of that because today they announced that Chicago will host the Democratic National Convention next fall. Now, a lot of people were surprised by the decision because Chicago is a poster child for Democrat policies, but hit us—Chicago is Obama country, and I don’t mean Barry. I’m talking. Michelle ObamaAnd now, Michelle is having her Hillary moment. Barry’s been gone for eight years, so Michelle needs her time to shine. Michelle is on a roll, and now she’s center stage.

Michelle Obama has been ‘criticized by women’ for putting motherhood first in the White House, she says.

Michelle has a Netflix special with Oprah and when Oprah touches you, it means it’s your time. The Obamas know that Oprah was the first adult to endorse Barry for the White House. So what does this mean? Well, for one thing, Michelle has another book out and she wants the world to know that it’s her world now. She is not Barack, she is the real star. Did you catch this? Look how Michelle portrays Barack in that trailer.

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Barry always leans towards her. She is always strong, upright, perfectly poised, dominant while her husband is always leaning. As my man says, green lines don’t lie. So, with Joe Biden looking as weak as ever, how should we interpret Oprah Michelle’s visit to her hometown? Democratic National Convention?

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