Jennifer Fessler tells RHONJ cast: I studied James Gandolfini!

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey It included a lot. Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga drama.

There was more to it this week, with Jennifer Aydin really stepping up to Melissa. It’s a painful situation.

But Housewives pal Jennifer Fessler stole some of the spotlight this week by sharing her own story.

She dated James Gandolfini years ago. She knows him well. They f–ked, she explained.

With the ladies of RHONJ Season 13 around her, Jennifer Fessler reminisces about her time as a talent agent. (Image credit: Bravo)

Part of the reality of being a Real Housewife is going on group trips with people you only hang out with at parties and coffee. That often means a long group bus ride.

Jennifer Fessler talks about her time as a talent agent after college. People asked which actors he met. And which actors did you study?

“Okay,” she replied. “James Gandolfini” stars the late, great actor. Sopranos for many years.

Mouth open in shock, Danielle Cabral reacts to a wrestler’s sex story. (Image credit: Bravo)

Apparently, that revelation prompted a series of reactions from the couple.

Danielle Cabral opened her mouth in surprise.

And Melissa Gorga was positively giddy when she talked about the famous actor – and her friend – on camera later.

Excited, Melissa Gorga tells The Confessor Camera about a castmate revelation. (Image credit: Bravo)

Everyone, and we mean it Everyonehad questions.

It was enough to quickly overwhelm Jennifer.

To encourage her colleagues to listen and respond, please speak one at a time.

There’s a lot to be said for attention, and the other RHONJ Season 13 ladies were giving it to Jennifer Fessler. One by one please! (Image credit: Bravo)

So how did it happen?

Well, Jennifer briefly attended acting school after college. That’s when she became a talent agent.

And apparently, that’s how she met James Gandolfini. This was before Sopranos.

Decades ago, Jennifer Fessler met a famous actor before he became famous. (Image credit: Bravo)

Jennifer was quick to talk about Gandolfini’s raw sexuality.

If you saw someone live tweeting the marathon Sopranos And they’ve seen Tony Soprano clearly lusting after him, so that’s no surprise. (Sometimes, people who were teenagers when the show started say these things. Attractive)

According to Jennifer, all this was before the show (and therefore, before her marriage or him).

Why did The Real Housewives of New Jersey show James Gandolfini’s photo on Season 13, Episode 10? As a friend this season. (Image credit: Bravo)

Jennifer remembers taking her to an S&M bar.

There the two hung out and drank. And then return to the apartment and bone.

As for the character, Jennifer Fessler didn’t mince words about the time the actor spent “in her” after taking her to an S&M bar. (Image credit: Bravo)

She told her spouse that she reacted to his death with despair and grief.

Although this was several decades after her eloping with the actor, it affected her deeply.

Her husband, Jeff Fessler, gets a little jealous and has a hard time reminding her that she is actually married. him.

Recalling the news of the death of an actor, Jennifer Fessler said that he felt jealous of her husband’s reaction. (Image credit: Bravo)

Although she believes she never really had him to begin with, she more or less “got away with it.”

The bone? Yes. But finding him in her and having him as a partner are not the same thing.

We are glad that Jennifer Fessler has interesting stories. She definitely entertained the other housewives.

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