Jason Kelce revealed a key factor in his decision to return to the Eagles.

Jason Kelce shares with Rich Eisen why he decided to return to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Although Jason Kelce may retire this season, he still loves to play football and will be back Philadelphia Eagles At least for one more season.

Kelce lost to his younger brother Travis’ team Super Bowl 57. As the Eagles had an impressive season, the Kansas City Chiefs lifted the championship banner for the second time in four years. When asked by Rich Eisen on Friday if the Chiefs’ Super Bowl loss was reason to return for another season, Kelce disagreed. But it offers more.

“I think it played a factor. I don’t think it should have. I wish it hadn’t. But I think when you go that far and get that close and your passion and energy goes into not having that happen and you want to do that. You know it’s close, and as long as everybody’s healthy, the team’s going to be good next year.” We’re getting a lot of pieces back on offense. So, yeah, that all plays a role. I don’t know what the answer would be if the situation was different. I think I’ll still be playing.”

Here’s a clip of Kelce’s conversation with Eisen about the outcome of Super Bowl 57 and his decision to return to the Eagles for one more season.

Kelce is right that the Eagles have a good team, but they could be suffering from the dreaded Super Bowl hangover.

Jason Kelce made a comeback in Super Bowl 57 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

One thing that stood out from Kelce’s conversation with Eisen: He really likes to play football. Kelce said he was blessed with good health throughout his career, which allowed him to play well into his second decade. No matter what happens in the future, Kelsey and his brother will be locked up together in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not if, but when.

With it being a year-to-year proposition for him, Kelce is expected to continue playing for the Eagles until he knows he wants to play football at the highest level. He still seems to like the mental activity and preparation necessary to succeed in the league. However, there will come a day when Kelsey’s passion for playing the game fades. This happens to everyone NFL Players.

I don’t think Kelsey plays for anyone. Why would he even want it at this stage of the game? With him going strong in his mid-30s, I think this will be his last year playing professionally. The Eagles losing both of their star coordinators will play a role in Philadelphia pulling back a bit this season. You’ll suffer a slight Super Bowl hangover.

When the Kelseys call it a career, they successfully enter the national media scene.

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