Jana Duggar: What Does She Do For Money, Now That Her TV Days Are Over?

Jana Duggar has always been one of the quiet members of her famous family.

But while she hasn’t been a huge fan of the spotlight, for most of her career, Yana has maintained an open line of communication with fans.

But now Jana doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her 750,000 followers.

As many fans have noticed, the 33-year-old hasn’t posted on Instagram in over a year.

jana d drawing
Looks like Jana Duggar is fed up with the rumours. (Photo via TLC)

It’s been 56 weeks since Jana last shared an update with followers, and fans are wondering what this absence could mean.

Like all her siblings, Jana decided to keep a low profile. Josh Duggar’s arrest On child pornography charges?

When her family’s reality TV empire ends, does she realize she doesn’t want to be constantly promoting herself?

Jana Duggar on TLC Countdown
Jana Duggar speaks to the camera here during a scene from the TLC series Countdown. (Photo via Instagram)

Or is there something more insidious?

Has Jana been forced by her overbearing parents to stop sharing updates with loyal fans?

The situation has become a topic of discussion in the Duggar-centric corners of Reddit, and fans can’t seem to agree on the reason for Jana’s sudden disappearance.

Jana Duggar traveled to Rome with her brother. Will she return home? (Photo via Instagram)

One person wrote: “She hasn’t posted in a year, I wonder if her parents banned her.”

“Blink twice if you’re arrested against your will…” joked another.

Others have suggested that Jana may be involved in a strange ritual in which she vows not to have intercourse with the opposite sex for a long period of time.

Jana Duggar on Countdown (TLC)
Dear Jana Duggar Countdown to 2020 (TLC). (Photo by TLC)

They theorized that her social media hiatus may have been part of that strange experiment.

“Recently I was listening/watching a recorded podcast Jinger did and she was explaining how people in their childhood Gothard religion take these agreements to not stay with the opposite sex for 10-15 years and it’s so common,” one commenter wrote.

Another recalls that “Gothard introduced people who were celibate for a while.”

Jana Duggar out
Jana Duggar stands outside a bus here. She posted this photo on Instagram.

“You’re talking about kids, and even people in their 30s are encouraged to do it.”

Acolytes of Bill Gothard – who was Jim Bob’s personal spiritual leader before he was forced to resign in disgrace – are very secretive about their beliefs.

But in her recent memoir, Jinger Duggar Gothard confirmed that followers would order their daughters to stay at home until marriage.

Jinger Duggar stares intently into the camera from her YouTube video. (Photo via Instagram)

“If you get a job or go out, you’re opening yourself up to Satan’s attack because you don’t have an umbrella to protect you,” Ginger wrote.

Duggar women are not normally allowed to join social media, but an exception was made for Jana.

Now, sadly, it seems her parents have taken away her rights.

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