Nemanja Vidic cites injustice as he withdraws candidacy for Serbian football presidency

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has attracted backlash from Manchester United fans after claiming that Virgil van Dijk is a better defender than Nemanja Vidic.

Carragher took to Twitter on Monday morning after the Liverpool star made another embarrassing move in the weekend’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal.

Van Dijk was at fault for Arsenal’s first opener when he accidentally put the ball into the path of Gabriel Martinelli. The Brazilian winger continued to shoot the ball into the goal.

Following Van Dijk’s poor performances – one of many this season from the 31-year-old – the football fan’s account on Twitter revealed that he was disappointed when compared to one of the Premier League’s greatest defenders, such as Rio Ferdinand. , John Terry, Vincent Kompany and Nemanja Vidic

Carragher shot back, “VVD is much better than Vidic, who was a top CB, but have you forgotten his performance against Torres?”

The Liverpool legend added: “Rio and JT have had poor seasons like all players in their careers, VVD is having one now. No CB influenced group VVD in the PL era.

“Never mind the best CB in the league, he’s been the best player in the league for four years with KDB before this game.”

We’ve never talked about him being the best player in the CBC, it just shows the level he’s at.

As expected, Carragher’s comments, which pointed to Vidic’s better stats than Van Dijk, did not go down well with United fans.

Vidic has surpassed Van Dijk in many metrics such as match-winning goals, winning rate, last-man tackles, trophy wins, clean sheets, individual awards, aerial duels success rate and wins.

The Athletic’s Andy Mitton reported that in 2009, Carragher spoke to Vidic about his disgraceful display against Torres in which he mocked Van Dijk as superior to the Serb.

Mitten Vidic said they firmly broke the stereotype that Torres often struggled with.

“It was a game,” Vidic told Mitin. The story has grown. I went to head the ball and changed my mind and tried to pass it to Edwin van der Sar. I got the distance wrong; Torres scores. He always created chances, but Drogba was tougher and always on you.

Vidic’s former team-mate Rio Ferdinand has launched a fierce defense of his former team-mate. Speaking on the Vibe with Five YouTube channel, Ferdinand blasted Carragher’s reasoning and baseless conclusion.

“Liverpool are defending,” Ferdinand said. I don’t know what I’m seeing now! I can’t get my head around it. Van Dijk has been the best defender in the world for the last two years. He looks like a shadow of himself, lost in form, obviously.

“I saw Jamie Carragher tweeting something about Van Dijk being better than Vidic, I don’t know why. He mentioned Torres.

“I think Torres scored three goals in 15 games against Vidic. Think that’s a bit of a myth. He had a few poor moments in those games and was sent off a couple of times, but Torres was aggravating every time he played and that wasn’t the case. Three goals in 15 games.”

Just as Ferdinand Rashford scored six goals in 13 games for Liverpool, and the same stats don’t equate to tormenting United No.10 Van Dijk, Torres’ three goals were not always better than Vidic’s.

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