Identify Twitter blue subscribers with these four browser extensions

Twitter recently changed how it describes the Blue Check badge.Whether you’re a verified account or someone who’s paid for Twitter Blue, making them look the same. This means that it is very difficult now. Distinguish between Twitter accounts Accounts of famous people in their fields and scammers impersonating them.

Fortunately, Twitter’s attempts to implement unpopular changes have spurred important innovations from its users. Many developers have released free browser extensions for Twitter’s blue badge that show who has spent real human dollars, so you don’t have to wonder if the account you’re posting about is the real Arnold Schwarzenegger or a very convincing impersonator.

Here are four browser extensions that can help you identify verified Twitter users from those who have purchased badges.

Eight dollars

It was released last November Eight dollars(Opens in a new tab) The browser extension replaces Twitter’s blue badges with dollar signs. It also adds a text label next to the badge that says “Paid” by default, but can be customized to say anything. “Muskbro”(Opens in a new tab) to the “Seriously?”(Opens in a new tab) to the “I paid 4 for a billionaire.”(Opens in a new tab)

Eight Dollars is also the easiest Twitter Blue Account to install, as it’s currently available as a browser extension on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Twitter Blue Nerd

For those who want to separate Twitter Blue subscribers from some light-hearted banter, the Twitter Blue Nerd(Opens in a new tab) The extensible blue ticks will be replaced by a toothy emoji. Twitter Blue Nerd helps users quickly identify Twitter Blue subscribers even at a glance, as the Nerd emoji is yellow as opposed to the certified blue of the Tick badge.

To run Twitter Blue Nerd, you must install a userscript browser extension such as Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or Violentmonkey. If you’re on Firefox, developer busybox11 recommends TamperMonkey.

Twitter blue clown

Twitter blue clown(Opens in a new tab) It was created by busybox11, the same developer behind Twitter Blue Nerd, and works similarly. However, instead of a nerd emoji, Twitter Blue Clown replaces the blue check badge with a clown emoji.

Again, you’ll need to install the UserScript Browser extension to run Twitter Blue Clown, but busybox11 provides fairly straightforward instructions on how to install their script.

Control panel for Twitter

Control panel for Twitter(Opens in a new tab) It replaces paid Twitter Blue tickets with the platform’s bird logo with a B – Twitter Blue’s official symbol. This isn’t the only browser extension to use, though. Control Panel for Twitter also gives you a lot more of the Twitter experience: for example, you can hide the “For You” algorithm, remove the “What’s Happening” sidebar, and make your “Following” timeline the default.

The Twitter extension control panel is available in many web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Excel. It’s also available on mobile, supporting Safari for iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as Firefox Beta and Kiwi Browser on Android. If you prefer, you can install it as a script using the UserScript browser extension.

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