Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s collaboration is officially done.

Back in March, Nicki publicly showed her love for Ice Spice and that’s when fans speculated that a collaboration between the two might be in the offing. The sensational “Munch (Feelin’ U)” star graced the cover of Dazed magazine last month. “The people’s princess,” said the subject.

Nicki shared the cover photo on Twitter and her Instagram story, highlighting Dazed’s headline. “Gag. Catch the people’s princess!!!” she wrote. Snow acknowledged, “You heard da QUEEN.”

In an interview with XXL in January, the Bronx rapper said Nicki was a big influence on her. “When I saw Nicky, I was fascinated. She’s the first female rapper I’ve ever seen. And from that moment on, I was ready to be what I wanted to be.

The two have now collaborated on a remix of ‘Princess Diana’, which appeared on Ice Spice’s latest EP. as a..? Come back in January. Listen below.

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