Gosselin's Daughters Come Out as Queer;  Do they have support from their famous mother?

Over the years, we have provided many updates about Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Most of these updates are also eye-rolling and/or nausea-inducing.

Take time John came to Kate as a disappointment. Oh time Kate accuses John of being a thief and a liar.

But in this case, we’re here to talk about the former couple’s children. Especially two. Both came out with some personal news.

In a recent Tik Tok Live session, Maddie Gosselin – 22 years old and a college student – ​​revealed that she is queer.

Fans asked about it after her 18-year-old sisters Alexis, Hannah and Leah joined the conversation. theirs Pronouns and sexuality, prompted Alexis to point out that she, too, is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“It’s mostly about my sexuality,” she says, admitting to having a boyfriend and explaining her own divorce. Queer.

“for me, [queer] It’s a convenient word to use for myself. So this is what it means to me. But for many people, it has a much different meaning.

Maddie Gosselin took to TikTok in February 2023 to clap back after they meant well, but the disparaging commenter knew a little better. (Image credit: TikTok)

Alexis, meanwhile, is single. But ready to mix with someone!

“If you’re a girl and you want to bang a really fun, loving, annoying boy, there she is,” Maddy said, pointing to her sister.

“We want to make The Bachelorette to meet Lex the Bachelorette!” Hannah added.

Maddie Gosselin, all grown up.

Maddie is Kara’s twin sister; They are the eldest of eight children John and Kate Gosselin share.

The twins are students at Syracuse and Fordham universities, and Hannah and Colin Gosselin are 18 years old and live with their father. Do not talk to their mother.

Joel, Aden, Leah and Alexis Gosselin, all 18, live with their mother and don’t speak to their father.

Considering how quiet Kate Gosselin has been on social media and her reputation as a horrible person in general, does a fan Kate support her daughters’ lifestyle and/or lifestyle?

“People ask if our mother supports our relationship. Obviously yes,” Leah said on TikTok.

In a separate Tik Tok Live session, Alexis and Hannah talked about when Alexis first came out as gay.

“Hannah realized something was up, and the next time we met, she said, ‘Yes, it’s you. [gay]” explained Alexis.

She also admitted to being afraid to come out to her family members.

“I told all my friends, I told all my favorite teachers… I was so worried. [telling my family]” said Alexis.

“I was really worried about it and, it sounds horrible, but after a while I think the worry got to me. Then I told the family and it wasn’t that bad.

she added.

“I said, ‘I always was.’ [gay] And I do not change who I am.

“It doesn’t change me, so you’ve always known this part of me. I haven’t told you anything different.” “Most of my brothers and sisters knew.”

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In February Maddy released a statement via TikTok. Regarding the negative comments about her and her brothers.

“What you want to say about childhood pain and healing and my family, my life, my parents, whatever you want to say in most of my comments is none of your business,” she said.

“If you don’t want it to be your business like everybody else’s, what you do behind closed doors is nobody else’s business.”

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