Give your iPad Pro a big boost with the Apple Magic Keyboard for $70 off.

Save $70: You can get it from April 12. Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro(Opens in a new tab) It sells for $229 on Amazon. This is a 23% savings.

Looking for a companion for your iPad Pro or iPad Air? A Magic keyboard It’s just the ticket. If you really prefer the feel of typing on an iPad touch screen, this is the best way to add function keys to your tablet. And it’s on sale now.

You can save big on Magic keyboard(Opens in a new tab) It sells for $229 on Amazon. That’s $70 off the regular price of $299 and a 23 percent savings. This offer is only applicable on the Black color variant.

With Apple’s latest 11-inch Magic Keyboard, you can comfortably type the date on your iPad Pro and iPad Air. The Magic Keyboard is a dream to use with how fast and smooth it connects. It’s designed to work with all of Apple’s newest iPads, including the M1 and M2 lines, in addition to the iPad Air. It comes packed with backlit keys and trackpad to make your browsing and working experience more efficient. And best of all, it uses Apple’s Smart Connector to connect (like magic!) meaning it pairs instantly and doesn’t rely on Bluetooth to stay connected.

If you’re looking for a way to make your iPad experience a little more luxurious, or if you want to make chatting, working, and otherwise enjoying your tablet a little less painful, this is the way to do it. You’ll immediately appreciate that the keyboard is attached to itself – something we wish all mobile accessories would do.

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