Get a $22 cable that connects to any smart device

TL; DR: Swap those old charging cables for one that works. From April 12 InCharge X Max charging cable(Opens in a new tab) It’s on sale for just $21.99 instead of $39 — that’s a savings of 43 percent.

Leave messy chargers at home. Remote workers and frequent travelers can get a lot of mileage out of a. Cable is compatible with any modern device.(Opens in a new tab), and that’s exactly what the InCharge® X Max 100W Charging Cable brings to the table. This five-foot cable has two connectors on each end, so you can plug in USB, Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB with one cable. For a limited time, this InCharge® X Max is on sale for $21.99 (eg $39).

Find a cable that works with anything

At first glance, X Max may seem like any other ordinary thing. Lightning to USB cable(Opens in a new tab)But fold both ends to reveal the second connector. Transfer files between iPhone and Android with USB-C to Lightning or use the same cable to charge your iPad And your wireless speakers. Pair the X Max with a compatible AC adapter, and you can get up to 100W of super fast charging or up to 18W of fast charging for iPhone. Data transfer is also incredibly fast. You can transfer data up to 480Mbps.

If you’re relying on a single cable for all your charging and data transfer, it’s best if that cable takes some punishment. The X Max is made of tough TPU plastic, woven nylon and aramid fiber. The manufacturer says that the TPU protectors increase the bending strength and the nylon reinforcement helps to resist deformation. If you lose your AC adapter, you may be able to charge one device using another in a pinch.

Put all your devices on one cable

Use the same cable to power your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Android and micro USB speakers.

For a limited time, get it. InCharge® X Max 100W charging cable(Opens in a new tab) Paying only $21.99 (eg $39).

Prices are subject to change.

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